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                        Common Machinery Hazards & Controls Technical Guidance

                        In the world of Plant and Equipment, there are plenty of interesting topics to discuss, especially in relation to the management of safety hazards and risks.

                        Ideagen Plant Assessor’s guidance in this area is focused on sharing useful information on specific plant and equipment hazards, the various controls available or required, ensuring your controls are adequate along with long term machine safety management.

                        Ideagen Plant Assessor software considers thousands of hazards associated with different types of plant and equipment, so there is no shortage of topics for us to share with in this section.

                        Closeup of a machine quick hitch

                        Standard Update: AS13031:2023

                        Learn about key elements of the new standard AS13031:2023.

                        Men standing next to a big dump truck on a worksite

                        Australian Standards 4024 Series

                        Check out the 4024 Safety of Machinery standards


                        Backhoe Stabiliser Legs

                        Find out why stabiliser legs are important on your backhoe loader.



                        Hundreds of Australians are injured while operating a chainsaw each year.



                        Find out all you need to know about e-stops.


                        FOPS 1 or 2?

                        FOPS are Operator Protective Devices designed to protect from items that may fall on a piece of machinery while operating. Learn which one you need.


                        Gas Forklift Standards

                        We regularly field questions on what to do if a forklift has AS1425 quoted instead of AS4983.



                        Some hoists do not meet Australian standards. Find out what you should look for when purchasing a hoist.


                        Hydraulic Hose Safety

                        Hydraulic system components run at significant pressures and temperatures, posing hazards.


                        Inspecting Tyre Condition

                        Tyres are used on a wide variety of vehicles and machinery and their condition is often overlooked.

                        Two excavators moving dirt on a work site

                        Lifting Capacity

                        The lifting of any freely suspended load is a high risk activity. Learn the need for lifting capacity labels on earthmoving machines.


                        National Heavy Vehicle Regulator V3

                        Find out about the National Heavy Vehicle Register SVB6 Version 3.

                        JCB Backhoe loader

                        Neutral Start Controls

                        To reduce the risk of uncontrolled movement at startup, a neutral start control is needed. A Plant Assessor inspection can help.


                        NSW Quick Hitch Position

                        SafeWork has released a revised position paper, expanding on and clarifying its position on quick hitches.


                        Plant & Powerlines

                        Ensuring safe systems of work for plant around powerlines can be challenging.


                        Road Rail Vehicles

                        The Rail Industry Safety Standards Board (RISSB) has released new standards for the assessment of Road Rail Vehicles.


                        Safety Props on Loaders

                        Why don’t all loader risk questionnaires in Plant Assessor ask for a mechanical safety prop?


                        Slewing Tele Handler

                        Find out all you need to know about the slewing tele handler.


                        Split Rims

                        There are many hazards associated split rims. Find out what to be aware of.


                        Tip Truck Hoisting Systems

                        We regularly receive questions regarding tip truck hoisting systems. Find answers here.


                        Vehicle Loading Cranes

                        An updated edition of AS2550.11 has been released.


                        Conducting our Risk Assessments

                        Everything about conducting a risk assessment in Plant Assessor.


                        Avoiding Risk Assessment Pitfalls

                        Here we break down plant risk assessments and help you avoid common pitfalls.


                        Benefits of Safety Management

                        Safety management is a consideration that should be made by all businesses.

                        Self-propelled hay bale loader in a clearing sale

                        Clearing Sale Safety

                        Learn how to comply with clearing sale plant safety obligations in this guide.


                        Excavator Risk Assessments

                        Find out how to conduct excavator risk assessments in this guide.



                        Plant Assessor has developed a special assessment purpose incorporating additional requirements of MDG15.


                        Obtaining Risk Assessments from Suppliers

                        Find out some tips and tricks about obtaining risk assessments from suppliers.


                        Procurement of Safe Plant

                        Safety is important to consider when purchasing a piece of plant.


                        Risk Assessment Plan Overview

                        Plant Assessor can help users understand how to manage safety obligations.


                        Procuring Safe Plant: Local Gov

                        How to procure safe plant and equipment - a guide for local government.


                        Simplify Risk Assessments

                        Our Machinery Compliance Engine takes all the complexity out of the risk assessment process.


                        How to Ace FSC Audits

                        An on-site audit by the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner can be daunting. Read more.


                        Entering Fleet into Plant Assessor

                        What's involved in setting up and managing a risk assessment plan.


                        Elevated Work Platforms

                        There are two types of elevated work platforms - scissor lifts and boom lifts.


                        Eye vs Hook

                        Information relating to assessing a piece of earthmoving equipment.


                        Simplifying Safety

                        The three key elements of a plant safety management system are safe plant, safe operator and safe environment.


                        Tractor Risk Assessments

                        Plant Assessor provides a range of products and services to assist with your tractor risk assessment.

                        8 min read
                        The ultimate guide to forklifts
                        Forklifts, also known as lift trucks, are essential machines used across various industries for material handling,...
                        2 min read
                        What is a machinery risk assessment and why do I need one?
                        We all know machinery and its operation can be inherently dangerous. Risk assessments play a crucial role reducing the...
                        1 min read
                        Update to quad bike regulations in Queensland
                        The Queensland Government has changed regulations relating to the use of quad bikes in workplace settings within the...

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