Machinery pre starts


Machinery Pre Starts
Unlimited, ready-to-go digital pre starts
with our free pre start app
Risk management and corrective actions
Risk Management &
Corrective Actions

Know the hazards and how to control
them with our automated risk
management reports
Document management and audit trail
Document Management
& Audit Trail

Leave paper-based systems behind and
manage and store crucial compliance
information digitally
Dashboards and reporting
Dashboards & Reporting
Get information and insights on the
compliance status across your fleet
and sites



    Machinery Risk Assessments


    Machinery Risk Assessments
    Industry leading and specific to your
    machines. Powered by the Machinery Compliance Engine (MCE)
    Service and maintenance management
    Service & Maintenance

    Keep your machines in top condition
    with a preventative maintenance
    Safe Operating Procedures

    Access easy-to-read, comprehensive
    SOPs specific to your machines
    MySite subcontractor machinery management
    All the tools to manage machinery
    compliance obligations and uphold
    safety on-site
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                        Pricing to fit your needs

                        Ideagen Plant Assessor pricing is per machine and machine type.
                        For more information and pricing please see our machine types section below.

                        Free Machines


                        No cost

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                        Ideagen Plant Assessor Free is a great way to get started.

                           Dedicated machinery safety knowledge at your fingertips
                          Add unlimited machines and users
                          Complete free digital, machinery specific pre-start checks
                          Receive instant operational status & shareable pre-start issue reports
                        Plus Machines


                        Per machine, per month

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                        Get premium features and pay for only what you use, per machine.

                          Store all of your machinery, compliance and employee paperwork digitally for access anytime, anywhere
                          Downloadable machine-specific Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs)
                          Keep your machines running at peak performance with service scheduling and maintenance management tools
                        *Based on Machine Type
                        Edge Machines


                        Per machine, per month
                        (min 12 months)

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                        Access industry-leading risk assessments and risk management reports, specific to your machines.

                          Machinery-specific risk assessments for over 120,000 makes and models
                          Instant risk management reports, with corrective actions for every hazard, on each machine
                          Confidence in compliance to the latest letter of legislation



                        *Based on Machine Type


                        One off assessment fee

                        SIGN UP NOW
                        Exchange level is for Dealers. Meet sale safety obligations by providing comprehensive risk management reports to your buyers.

                          Machinery-specific sale risk assessments for over 120,000 makes and models
                          Instant risk management reports, with recommended control measures for identified hazards
                          Confidence in compliance to the latest letter of legislation

                        *Based on Machine Type

                        Commit to 12 months, billed monthly. 
                        Contact us today to receive your no-obligation, free quote.

                        Signing up to Enterprise gives you access to:
                        - Bonus value Question
                        - Custom bundles to suit your needs
                        - Dedicated account management
                        - Training
                        - Professional Services
                        - Dashboards & Reporting
                        - Assessment Scheduling Tools
                        - Bulk Action Management
                        - Unlimited Sites

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                        Feature breakdown

                        Free Machines Plus Machines Edge Machines Exchange
                        Machinery Pre Starts
                        Download our free Pre-Start Plus app for machine-specific pre-start surveys.
                        Give your people access, assign roles and keep all of your employee documents in one place.
                        Machine Asset Library
                        Manage your safety and compliance tasks more efficiently with a comprehensive listing of your machines.
                        Connecting with other Plant Assessor users allows you to supply machines with ease.
                        Share Virtual Machine Profiles
                        A digital twin of your machine that includes associated documents, assessments and service history.
                        Creating owners allows you to categorise your machines within your account, defining departments. Each Owner can easily refine and report exclusively on the machines assigned to them.
                        Machinery Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs)
                        Ready-made, machine-specific safe operating procedures.
                        Document Management & Audit Trail
                        Store all of your machinery paperwork digitally for ease of access, sharing and auditability.
                        Service and Maintenance Management
                        Set service intervals, record service and maintenance history and keep machines in top-working order.
                        Get total visibility of the status and compliance level of all machines across multiple sites.
                        One Site
                        One Site
                        Risk Assessments
                        Industry leading and specific to your machines.
                        Sale Assessments
                        For the purpose of selling a machine.
                        Risk Management Reports
                        Hazards identified, risk ratings applied and control measures determined for each machine in an automated report.
                        Corrective Action Management
                        Monitor, manage and resolve outstanding actions to meet full compliance.
                        Risk Assessment Scheduling
                        Stay organised with assessment scheduling tools for advance planning.
                        Machine Transfer & Sale Audit Trail
                        A digital sales handover with all required safety information and buyer record keeping.
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                        Machinery types explained

                        Throughout our pricing, you'll see Machine Type A, B or C mentioned. This refers to the type of machine and the price difference. Find the price differences below.
                        TYPE A
                        Hand held/ workshop
                        Eg. Chainsaw, pedestrian lawn mower, bench grinder

                        TYPE B
                        Simple self propelled + trailing
                        Eg. Tipper, plant trailer, compressor

                        TYPE C
                        Complex machinery
                        Eg. Loader, excavator, crane

                        Machine cost

                        Free Machines Plus Machines Edge Machines Exchange

                        Per machine/ per month

                        Per machine/ per month

                        Per machine/ per month (min 12 months)

                        Pay per Assessment
                        Machine Types
                        A - Workshop/hand held
                        B - Simple self propelled + trailing
                        C - Complex machinery

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                        Frequently asked questions

                        For more FAQ about pricing and billing, visit our help centre.

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