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    Machinery Risk Assessments


    Machinery Risk Assessments
    Industry leading and specific to your
    machines. Powered by the Machinery Compliance Engine (MCE)
    Service and maintenance management
    Service & Maintenance

    Keep your machines in top condition
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    MySite subcontractor machinery management
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    compliance obligations and uphold
    safety on-site
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                        Industry leading Machinery Risk Assessments


                        DO A RISK ASSESSMENT TODAY


                        A risk assessment is a mandatory part of satisfying compliance obligations: they keep your machines and people safe.

                        But getting it right can be a headache. Risk assessments take time, require expert knowledge of legislation and machinery – and often don't give any method of controlling identified risk and hazards.

                        Ideagen Plant Assessor makes it simple to identify, assess, and control hazards through step-by-step, machine-specific risk assessment that cut out the guesswork. 

                        Have confidence that your risk assessment process is thorough and consistent, hazard controls are relevant, and you’re compliant to the latest letter of legislation.

                        Select and inspect. Machine risk assessments made easy

                        Powered by the Machinery Compliance engine (MCE) developed to automate the identification of machinery hazards, set risk ratings and provide applicable control measures per referenced legislation. All you need to do is select your machine, answer the inspection questions and let the MCE do the risk analysis for you.

                        Prior to using Plant Assessor, we had struggled with several risk assessment templates. One of our suppliers suggested that Plant Assessor was an effective program for developing detailed risk assessments that were recognised by blue chip clients.”

                        - Mick Carr, Plant Maintenance Superintendent, Ertech



                        Specific to each machine

                        The MCE database contains over 120,000 makes and models of equipment providing you with a comprehensive non-generic risk assessment that is relevant to each machine. The easy to follow surveys provide consistency across your fleet assessments, reduce subjectivity and give clear actions for meeting compliance.

                        The Plant Assessor process is regimented and thorough, whilst being simple and easy to follow. Anyone can use it as long as they understand the plant well and have reasonable comprehension skills.”

                        - Jason Hudson, Safety Manager, Hunt8r Alliance


                        White loader truck, heavy roller machine, green tractor

                        Know the risks, and put control measures in place

                        Once you’ve completed an Ideagen Plant Assessor risk assessment, you’ll receive an instant risk management report providing hazard controls that are relevant to your machine, reflect the latest updates to legislation and standards, and help satisfy your compliance and safety obligations.

                        Learn about our Risk Management Reports

                        The team have stayed very active in dealing with the day-to-day aspects of ensuring the system remains central to all machinery related activity. They ensure any issues are flagged, procedures to rectify are followed and outcomes are recorded.”

                        - Brian Olsen, Group Safety Manager, BMD



                        We've done the legislative legwork

                        Our risk assessments consider all WHS & OHS Acts, Regulations, Codes of Practice, Australian and International Standards as well as industry best practices, so you can be sure that the risk report generated at the end is up to date with the latest in legislation.

                        [Ideagen Plant Assessor] provides consistent questions for the asset that meet legislation, Australian standards and codes of practice. Without that it’s up to the individual to decide what the risks are.”

                        - Richard Thompson, Workshop and Operations Program Leader, Logan City Council



                        Machine-specific risk assessments, fit for purpose:

                        Plant in Use
                        Risk Assessment

                        Risk Assessment

                        Risk Assessment

                        Risk Assessment

                        Risk Assessment

                        DO A RISK ASSESSMENT TODAY

                        Watch a live product demo of our Risk Assessments in action


                        Watch Now
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                        Instant Risk Management
                        in 4 easy steps

                        In just 4 easy steps you can generate comprehensive risk reports for your machines, providing a clear action plan to meeting compliance.


                        Signup to Ideagen
                        Plant Assessor

                        Add machine


                        Add a machine

                        Create risk assessment


                        Click 'Create



                        Answer pre-defined


                        Receive your ready to action Risk
                        Management Report

                          Hazards identified
                          Risk Ratings applied
                          Recommended hazard controls
                         Considers all WHS & OHS Acts, Regulations, Codes of Practice and Standards




                        Learn more about Risk Management Reports


                        Frequently asked questions


                        GET A DEMO

                        See first hand how we can solve your machinery compliance headaches

                          Machine-specific risk assessments
                          Automated risk reports 
                          Recommended hazard controls 
                          Real-time machine safety status
                          Legislation laws covered
                          Clear action plan to compliance

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