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More time in your day.
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Plant Assessor simplifies every facet of machinery compliance and management.
If you own, manage or supply machinery then Plant Assessor has a solution for you.
Determine how good your machinery safety system is using our free machinery safety health check.

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Is machinery compliance paperwork getting you down?
Worried you may be exposed to prosecution if someone gets injured by a machine?
Want machinery safety expertise on demand?

We’re here to help!

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Solutions for All

Whether you own, manage or sell 2 or 2000 machines – Plant Assessor has a membership solution for you

pa free
A Free
Lite version of Plant Assessor
Ditch your pre start books! Complete free, paperless, shareable machine specific pre start checks with real time results
Get more things done! Add unlimited machines, users & upload
employee documents
Real time access to all of your information for machines & operators

payg logo
Easy & Flexible
Monthly machine based pricing
Simple & stress free machinery compliance
Use/manage machines? – Save time & money on admin tasks. Stop losing paperwork, prove compliance & get on site quicker
Supply machines? – Access risk assessments, SOPs & document library features designed to simplify the sales process

enterprise membership
Custom membership options
based on you & your business
Major player? Enterprise is for you – access all PAYG features, plus customised training & support services incorporating volume discounts
Made to measure fleet management & safety solutions
Choose from DIY & Hybrid Memberships – where we work alongside
you, or Professional Services – where we take care of the lot

pre start plus logo
Free, paperless, shareable
pre starts with real time results
Know immediately if your machine is safe to use
Powered by Plant Assessor – meaning all your machines & users will
be readily available in Pre Start Plus. Simply download the app & login
with your existing Plant Assessor details

Let our trained team take care of your Plant Safety

Industry, machinery and safety expertise on call

Plant Assessor is the largest, qualified machinery inspection team in Australia.
Our Professional Services Team are a friendly bunch with a proven
track record & an unrivalled breadth of machinery knowledge.

Contractor Management made easy

Are you involved in site project work?

Whether you’re a Prime Contractor organising a job, or a Sub Contractor supplying plant
– our Contractor Management tools can help you save time, reduce paperwork,
share information & ensure all parties are aware of their obligations.


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Digital Pre Start Checks

pre start gif

A Pre start check is a list of YES/NO machine specific questions which determine if a machine is operating safely and efficiently. Pre start checks should be completed daily to identify minor issues before they become major problems.


Plant Assessor’s Pre start checks (e.g. above) are:


Machine specific – the comprehensive pre start questions are specific to the components of a certain make/model


Keep you safe – identify maintenance issues & required repairs


Digital – meaning you’ll never have to purchase another booklet


FREE – saving you approx $80 per machine (cost of pre start booklets)


Instant – after answering all questions you will be given an instant result
   –  Right to operate

   –  Right to operate, non critical issues require attention

   –  DO NOT operate machine, critical issues require attention


Shareable – email results instantly – prove compliance and get on site quicker

Available with Plant Assessor Free

payg logo

Available with Plant Assessor PAYG

Available with Plant Assessor Enterprise

Corrective Action Management

Outstanding actions arise from questions answered in a risk assessment – eg low transmission oil level.

After completing a risk assessment Plant Assessor provides you with an instant outstanding actions report.


Action Management –

• Proper action management is critical to achieving the safest machinery and ensuring you have met your legislative obligation.

• Each risk control in Plant Assessor is a result of careful consideration of legislative requirements in each jurisdiction, Australian Standards, Codes of Practice, leading practice and diligent application of the risk assessment process including application of the hierarchy of risk control as per the international risk assessment standard.

• Use the actions dashboard (see image above) in Plant Assessor to monitor and manage completion of actions. Plant Assessor records when the action was completed, by who and includes a section for notes/comments.

Not available with Plant Assessor Free

payg logo

Available with Plant Assessor PAYG

Available with Plant Assessor Enterprise

Risk Assessments & SOPs

What is a Risk Assessment?

A Plant Risk Assessment is a documented, detailed inspection and review of the plant item against legislative requirements, Australian & International standards, and leading industry practice.

The assessment should follow the hazard identification, risk assessment and treatment/control process. It should result in the production of information which can be shared with operators and work groups to assist them to use the plant safely – this means clear identification of hazards, risks and controls in place on the equipment, along with information on how to maintain controls effectively. 


Why do I need Plant Risk Assessments?

For specific legislative obligations in Australia, see our comprehensive guide to Australian plant user and supplier obligations.


An easy solution – Plant Assessor

Plant risk assessments are often inconsistent, time consuming, incomplete and often do not apply the correct controls to manage the risk of each hazard identified. Plant Assessor simplifies and speeds up this process. Our technical team have conducted tens of thousands of plant risk assessments, the results of which are embedded in our smart software.


What is an SOP?

A Safe operating procedure outlines correct procedures to follow when using a machine. We provide SOPs for a database of over 100,000 makes and models of plant and equipment.

Not available with Plant Assessor Free

payg logo

Available with Plant Assessor PAYG

Available with Plant Assessor Enterprise

Document Sharing
& Compliance Auditing

Avoid the paper chase! –  add and store all machine, operator, company and site related documents in the one place


Upload, store and share 

Documents that apply at a Company wide level – eg. Business Insurance, Company Policies, Business Rego + more
Machine specific documents such as Condition Reports, Machine Insurance Records, Photos, Registration papers and Service records
Employee specific documents – certificates, licenses, qualifications


Clarify machine and site requirements 

For Principals – Make sure your machinery and contractors’ machinery is accompanied by documentation meeting your required standards allowing pre-qualification of machines
For Contractors – Complete clarity on client requirements before getting to their site, minimise mobilisation time upon arrival

Benefits for Dealers

•  Upload relevant handover documents to Plant Assessor and transfer these to your purchasers digitally via Plant Assessor’s Sell Unit function
Make the shift to digital purchaser handover files, including warranty documents, invoices, manuals etc


Benefits for Hire Companies

Use Plant Assessor to provide digital documentation to clients, and utilise the digital pre-start check to stay in touch with usage and condition of your machines whilst on hire

Not available with Plant Assessor Free

payg logo

Available with Plant Assessor PAYG

Available with Plant Assessor Enterprise

Site Contractor Management

Contractor management can be a very challenging area for organisations to manage – WHS obligations have to be met, multiple parties are involved, communicating and sharing documents can be difficult (the list goes on!)


Solution – Plant Assessor’s contractor management features help you save time, reduce paperwork, allow you to share information & ensure all parties are aware of their obligations.


Use Plant Assessor to:


• Create virtual worksites – Manage your machines by their location or division by assigning to sites


• Add Connections – establish connections with Sub and Prime contractors via Plant Assessor


• Compliance at a glance – Share machine info with operators & sub contractors, as well as site & company policies & procedures. Set documents required to get on site. Create a crystal clear understanding of the plant compliance requirements of the project


• Pre-qual machines – add your machines to a pre-qual process as a Sub Contractor. As a Prime Contractor view the machines status, history, documents & assess if it meets the site requirements


• Approve machines & docs – a Prime Contractor can approve or reject documents and machines added by the Sub Contractor. Check the approval process anytime via your machine homescreen

Not available with Plant Assessor Free

payg logo

Not available with Plant Assessor PAYG

Available with Plant Assessor Enterprise

Service Scheduling & Recording

Plant Assessor recommended service intervals align with manufacturers requirements – every 250 hrs or 10,000 kms, whichever is applicable to your machine. (If the last service was over 12 months the machine will be flagged as overdue – even if it has yet to reach 10,000 kms or 250 hrs.)


Never miss another service – Use Plant Assessor to record and track routine service intervals for your machinery and equipment.

We help monitor and manage – A regular service schedule keeps your machinery/equipment running at peak performance. Plant Assessor calculates a service interval schedule for you – helping you keep track of regular maintenance

Record, Store & Share Service Documents – Upload your machine service history in Plant Assessor. Keep your records all in one place and access or download them anywhere, anytime. Eliminate the need for repetitive emailing by sharing service documents/records with your operators or site supervisor.

There are 3 service icons that are displayed in Plant Assessor – 

Service up to date

Service pending

Service overdue

Available with Plant Assessor Free

payg logo

Available with Plant Assessor PAYG

Available with Plant Assessor Enterprise

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