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Tip Truck Hoisting Systems

Tip Truck Hoisting Systems


Background: AS1418.8 – 2008 Cranes, hoists and special purpose appliances originated in 1989. It was revised in 2002 at which time section 5 – Requirements for Earthmoving Equipment, and section 6 – Side Boom Pipe Layers were added. The document was revised again in 2008.


Section 4 – Tip Truck Hoisting Systems was part of the original document.


It is our experience that the requirements set out in this section of the standard are very rarely all found on a machine. As a result we regularly receive questions regarding the requirement for load holding valves, safety props, emergency stops and hold to run controls on tippers


Plant Assessor Questions on Tip Truck Hoisting Systems


Plant Assessor applies the following questions to all trucks that have a tipping body including tipping trucks & trailers, dump trucks, garbage trucks, street sweepers, tilt trays & vacuum tanks.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 9.07.30 am

Tips on how to answer these questions



  • Read all of the question, then look at the required area, re-read the question if necessary
  • If you have any doubt contact us (see below)


Emergency stop (IMAGE 1):


  • This question cannot be answered Not Applicable
  • Adjacent means next to, when operating the tipping body controls you must be able to reach the emergency stop with the same hand
  • If there is more than one set of controls for the tipping body there must be more than one emergency stop


Hold to run (IMAGE 1):


  • This question cannot be answered Not Applicable
  • The control must only be able to be held in the up or down position by the operator
  • If the operator takes their hand off the control the control must move to the neutral position


Orientation (IMAGE 1):


  • This question cannot be answered Not Applicable
  • The up and down movement of the tipping body should be as closely mimicked by the controls as possible
  • Sideways buttons should be answered NO


Load holding valves (IMAGE 2):


  • This question cannot be answered Not Applicable
  • The valve must be connected directly to the cylinder or by steel pipe. There must be no flexible hoses between the cylinder and the valve


Mechanical safety support & label (IMAGE 3 & 4):


  • This question cannot be answered Not Applicable
  • Prop must be designed to hold weight of tipping body
  • It should be possible to engage and disengage the prop without placing the user in danger
  • The label should be on both sides of the truck
  • Can only be answered YES when both support and label are present
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