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Sit down, shut up, wear your seat belt
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Safety Update
Important Changes in Qld WHS Legislation for Machinery Owners

Two important changes to WHS legislation in Queensland are of particular importance to those involved in the supply and
operation of plant & equipment in that State.

The introduction of Industrial Manslaughter provisions and penalties, combined with the restoration of the positive duty to comply with Codes of Practice, mean that plant suppliers and owners need to take a closer look at whether their management systems relating to plant are satisfactory.

Also of relevance is the acceptance by the Queensland Government of the recommendations of the Best Practice Review of Workplace Health & Safety Queensland 2017, which, at its core, recommended a strengthening of the Inspectorate and an increase in enforcement activity to improve WHS outcomes…

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Insights from our Chief Techo – Paul Dean
Sit down, shut up & hang on, oh and put your seat belt on please!

Many of the machines you use on a daily basis have seat belts. We all know that cars and trucks require seat belts and that you need to use them, not only for the health & safety of you and your family, your co-workers and so on but also to help you avoid the wrath of your local police force.

When it comes to machinery it is not so obvious. As a result I am regularly asked the question, does my machine need a seat belt?

In short there are only two reasons why a machine needs a seat belt…

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Using Plant Assessor
All Machines. Every detail. On one screen.

Plant Assessor users are very familiar with the many features and benefits that come from using Plant Assessor. Such as –
Machine specific comprehensive risk management surveys and reports

  • Machine specific shareable digital daily pre start checks
  • Comprehensive actions management functionality
  • Weekly and monthly reporting
  • Assessment scheduling functionality
  • Assessment, action and scheduling dashboards and so on

While all of these features are great, what if I said to you that you could also see and manage every machine on every one of your sites from your phone…

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Industry News
How to Keep Your Head When Everyone Else is Losing Theirs…

“If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs … yours is the Earth and everything in it” – Rudyard Kipling

Everyone who works in a dynamic workplace will appreciate the blessing that is the ability to remain calm in the midst of a crisis.

For those who also work in high risk workplaces, there is an additional dimension to the potential chaos of your dynamic workplace – the critical safety risks that need to be actively managed.
We’ve all had those days, things seem to keep going wrong and emotions are heightened…

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New Clients
Technical Updates

New Types:

  • Winching Bin Truck
  • Beaver Tail / Side Tipper Combination
  • Carousel Bin Compactor – Automated
  • Lawn Mower – Autonomous

New SOPs:

  • Grapple – Attachment
  • Beaver Tail Truck
  • Band/Scroll Saw
  • Rollers, Multi Tyred – Trailing
  • Vehicles/Machines – Service Body
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