September Newsletter 2020

August Newsletter 2020

Here’s some cool stuff we’ve written in July. Enjoy.

An Electric Future Is Already Here!
ecar cropped

Paul Dean  |  Founder/Director

I think that it is fair to say that the future for motor vehicles is looking more and more electric. There are new electric vehicles hitting the road every day. The majority of the world’s car manufacturers seem to be either releasing their 1st electric car or the next version of their existing models.

These include the Tesla range, the Nissan Ariya, the BMW i7 and iX3, the Audi Q4 e-tron & Artemis, the Vauxhall Mokka-e, the MG 5 and the VW ID.4 to name a few. If these vehicles are the standard then the future looks very bright indeed, they are stylish, quiet, have low emissions and reputedly very reliable.

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$115,000 in fines and convictions for recycling plant injuries
recycling plant

Matthew Turner  |  Managing Director

In a stark reminder on the importance of machinery safety, a recycling company in Melbourne has been convicted and fined over charges relating to two separate incidents that occurred in 2017 and 2018 at its Laverton North recycling sorting facility.

The company, SKM Services Pty Ltd, pleaded  guilty in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on August 7, 2020 to all four charges and was fined a total of $115,000.

The 2017 incident involved a 68-year-old worker who was dragged up a conveyor and trapped against a steel beam on a separator machine when the paper sorting line was restarted while he was performing routine maintenance.

The court was told there were no fall protection risk controls in place for the task, which required the worker to access the separator’s conveyor belt at a height of more than two metres. The trapped worker suffered multiple hip and pelvis injuries and was unable to work for around four months.


Growing The Professional Services Team 

We’re incredibly excited to welcome Krystal to the Plant Assessor team.

Krystal Crane – Professional Services Consultant 

Krystal is one of three siblings who was born and raised in Tamworth, she moved to Newcastle with her family when she was around 11 years old and attended high school in Lake Macquarie.

Coming from a mostly blue collar background. She was employed as an administrator by National Safety Solutions for around 8 years before meeting her partner Nick, and moving a little closer to the beach in Newcastle where she started a new role as an administrator/supervisor at Downer in Cardiff. The new role expanded her knowledge of trades and machinery.

Krystal has a strong interest in videography and creative films. Some of her past projects include weddings, brand advertisements, collaborations and events. She is a lover of all animals, especially dogs, and has 2 Australian shepherds named Pepper and King. She spends most of her free time at the beach surfing, laying in the sun or taking her dogs for walks on the sand. Krystal also loves to travel, she has visited over 11 different countries and spent 6 weeks backpacking around Europe in 2019.


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