July Newsletter 2020

July Newsletter 2020

Here’s some cool stuff we’ve written in July. Enjoy.

Australia’s first industrial manslaughter conviction
– forklift fatality, $3M fine & Directors sentenced
forklift fatality

Matt Turner | Managing Director

In an extraordinary case, a Queensland employer has been convicted of Industrial Manslaughter and fined $3m. The company’s two directors were also convicted of reckless conduct and sentenced to 10 months gaol.

The incident that led to the convictions took place in May 2019, when Brisbane Auto Recycling Pty Limited casual contractor Barry Willis was struck by a forklift while securing a load on a truck.

The company and the directors understood the risks posed by the interaction between forklifts and pedestrians; however, failed to take steps to manage the apparent risk that this posed.

They made the situation worse by lying about the circumstances, blaming the injured worker and lying about the identity of the forklift driver – as the driver that was driving the fork at the time of the incident was not licenced.

All in all, this is a horrible tragedy that has resulted in an entirely avoidable fatality. It is a lesson in how not to manage safety risks or manage a major incident.

The court ended up suspending the goal sentence of the Directors who are both refugees and faced potential deportation back to Afghanistan if they were to go to gaol..

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PA NEWS – Growth, Expansion and Roadmap
The next phase of growth for Plant Assessor
plant assessor growth

Matt Turner | Managing Director

Well it has been another massive year for the Plant Assessor family.
We successfully grew our client base and the team that supports it and released some amazing new features.

The next 12 months is going to be even bigger than the last, so I thought I would give you an outline of some of the big people moves and recruitments happening at Plant Assessor.

Focused on your success

During last quarter we restructured our sales and customer success teams to further enhance the customer experience when dealing with Plant Assessor.

This sees us increase our customer facing resources substantially, along with investment in technology to ensure we are 100% focused on your success as a Plant Assessor customer..

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Growing from strength to strength


In June, we were delighted to welcome to the growing team two recruits Jake Boulton Marketing Manager (pictured right) and Deane Salt Senior Software Developer (left.)

Jake grew up in the hills district of greater Sydney attending William Clarke College in Kellyville which was conveniently positioned close to several skate parks where he spent most of his afternoons skating around. The eldest of 4 growing up he was always into cars and dirt bikes learning to paddock bash on his grandparent’s farm in Mudgee.

Jake attended Macquarie University, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration and honours in Marketing. More recently, with a thirst to further his education he completed his Masters in interactive Multi-Media at UTS.

After completing his first stint at University, he moved down to Jindabyne. He worked in the bars around Thredbo at night, snowboarding during the day, which led him to work over in Vail USA, America’s largest ski resort where he ended up becoming a snowboard instructor.

Before Plant Assessor Jake had worked for Rhino-Rack and Wine Selectors heading up their digital and marketing efforts.

With a young family, he spends his weekends getting out and about, fishing, watching the footy or working on his not so reliable old school two-stroke Jet Ski.

Deane was born in Wellington NSW but moved to Tamworth when he was about 5. Deane played the drums in high school and later played in bands, where he played in the pub scene.

He went to high school at Farrer in Tamworth and came down to Newcastle Uni with interest in journalism to study communications. But after a year he found it wasn’t for him. With interest in technology, he switched to IT and completed his bachelors.

While studying, Deane had a few different odd jobs working in retail, in a bottle shop and installing air conditioners over a summer. His first job out of uni was working with another Plant Assessor Developer Mark “Wheelie” Wheeldon for a small local company where he dipped his toe as a programmer. A few years later he did a stint in the UK where he worked on hospital-based software for the NHS.

Most recently Deane worked as a web developer for BMT Tax Depreciation in Broadmeadow, where he worked on their online portals Homesales and MyBMT.

Deane likes to spend weekends with partner Natalie and their Cavoodle puppy who is a few months old, catching up with mates and family, pottering around the garden or hacking his way around a golf course.


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