July Newsletter 2019

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July Newsletter 2019

Here’s some cool stuff we’ve written in July.
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Avoiding jail time using the
Eisenhower box

Matt Turner | Managing Director

How “I don’t have the time” can end up being “I wish I had found the time.”

Life is not getting any simpler or less busy. There is always something or someone demanding your focus and attention and often those things are not really on your must do list.

This is where the subtle art of prioritisation is crucial – trying to work out which things need to be at the top of your list. A popular prioritisation tool is the Eisenhower Box..

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COMING SOON: Nailing your Contractor Management
Using Plant Assessor

Paul Dean | Founder, Technical Director

Plant Assessor is constantly adding new functionality to simplify the complex tasks that we have on our plates each day. Our customers and team members continually provide great suggestions & requests to help make Plant Assessor better. For some time now there have been many requests for us to apply the Plant Assessor way of thinking to managing contractors and their machines.

Since early 2019 the planning and development teams at Plant Assessor have been feverishly working away on new functionality to make managing contractors and their machines easy..

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How Plant Assessor could have prevented
the need to amputate

Paul Dean | Founder, Technical Director

The following incident alert was published by Workplace Health & Safety Queensland in May 2019.

In May 2019, a worker’s foot needed to be surgically amputated on site after coming into contact with three operating exposed augers at the bottom of a feeder bin trailer.

Early investigations indicate the worker was sitting on the edge of the feeder bin with both legs on the inside of the bin, using a shovel to remove excess feed.. 

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Everything you need to know about Standards & Obligations that affect you
Paul Dean | Founder, Technical Director
June/July has been a very quiet period for changes in standards that affect your machines. There have been no changes in fact.

The Plant Assessor Intellectual Property team are reviewing draft standards and as well as some recent releases including the latest version of ISO10245.3:2019 Cranes — Limiting and indicating devices — Part 3: Tower cranes. Any changes that affect your machines will be communicated in future newsletters..

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