April Newsletter 2019

April Newsletter 2019

Insights from our Technical Director – Paul Dean
Would using Plant Assessor have prevented a fatality?

The following incident alert was published by Workplace Health & Safety Queensland on 29 March 2019. 

In February 2019, a worker was killed while repairing a skid steer loader. Early investigations indicate the safety prop was not engaged to ensure the bucket arms could not be lowered. The worker inadvertently activated the controls and was crushed by the arms. It appears the mechanisms which enable the hand controls to be isolated were inoperative due to general wear and tear on the machine.

A tragic incident I am sure you all will agree, as all fatalities are. When I read incident alerts such as this, I always ask myself, would using Plant Assessor have prevented this incident? After all, that’s what we’re here to do…

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Reduction of incidents & injuries
Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.. what would it really cost your business if you were sent to jail?

Earlier this year we started a 4 part series that spells out the key reasons why investing in the management of machinery safety is good for business. Regardless of the nature or location of your business and the experience of your machine operators, being proactive with managing machinery safety is crucial for anyone who owns, uses, sells or hires out plant and equipment.

To recap, these four reasons are:

  1. Reduced incidents and injuries
  2. Reduced likelihood of prosecution
  3. More efficient business processes
  4. Improved customer service

This piece expands on the second reason – the reduced likelihood of legal ramifications and financial penalties stemming from a major incident.

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Using Plant Assessor
3 Steps to Pre Start Success

There’s never been a better time to start using Plant Assessor for your daily pre start checks. Since we introduced our Pre Start Plus app late last year, we have had a huge increase in the number of businesses using our tools to easily manage this process across their fleet. Now, with our new Pre Start Reporting function (read more below), it is easier than ever to keep track of your daily safety compliance

If you’re ready to get started, here are three steps you can follow to ensure a successful roll-out across your business:

  1. Plant Assessor administrator adds operators & machines to Plant Assessor
  2. Operators log in and select machines to add to favourites list
  3. Operators share completed digital pre start reports

For a more detailed explanation –

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New Feature Alert!
7 Day Pre Start Report

We have recently released a new Pre Start Reporting feature that allows you to view a 7 day multi machine snapshot.
View the pre start status of your fleet in just a few clicks!

How does it work?

LOGIN to Plant Assessor, select your machines and click the PRE START REPORT button on the left of the screen.

The 7 day pre start history will default to the current week (Sun – Sat.) You are able to see a retrospective view by clicking the blue calendar icon and selecting a date.

The report will show the pre start status icons in 3 shifts throughout a 24 hr period:

✅  Machine right to operate
⚠️  Machine right to operate, non critical issues require attention
❌  DO NOT operate machine, critical issues require attention

TIP: Hover over the orange hazard and red cross icons to view actions required to ensure the machine is safe to operate. Click on each icon to view the full completed pre start.

Click EXPORT to save the report as a .csv file.

If you have questions, or need help implementing pre starts within your organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 1300 728 852 

We’re hiring! – Join the Plant Assessor Team
Customer Success Representative

We’re looking for an experienced Customer Success Representative to bring their ideas to our growing Customer Success team!

The Role:

• Establish a strong trusted relationship with each client – make them our advocates!

• Work closely with Business Development team to ensure seamless onboarding, implementation and ongoing relationship management of clients

• Develop and maintain a deep working understanding of the Plant Assessor suite and contribute to its further development with our product team

• Identify opportunities for cross sell and upsell of our software suite

• Conduct product demonstrations and training

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What’s in the News

Click on each image below to read the full news story..

qld december 2017
Waste recycler to stand trial over worker death
qld 2 clients nov 2017
Worker fatally crushed by skidsteer loader
Construction worker crushed under collapsed concrete stairwell
vic december 2017
Abattoir fined $95,000 after forklift injures worker
Safety Inspectors to blitz construction sites on both sides of the border
Safework continues its investigation of Macquarie Park scaffolding site
nsw2 december 2017
Man’s leg partially severed by runway truck at Port Kembla coal terminal
nt december 2017
Transport company fined $154,000 for loading dock death
New Clients
Technical Updates

New Types:

  • EWP – Attachment
  • Inflatable Device – Landborne (jumping castle)
  • Front Jinker
  • Turf Harvester – Self Propelled
  • Core Drill – Trailing/Mounted
  • Spiral Pipe Liner – Self Propelled
  • Dust Scrubber – Self Propelled
  • Rebar Cutter/Bender – Trailing
pre start plus logo
Free Digital Pre start checks for your machinery & equipment

Download from the app store or google play. Instant access using your Plant Assessor login details.


CLICK HERE to watch a short video on Pre Start Plus

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