Safety Legislation for Machinery Owners & Suppliers

Workplace Health and Safety Legislation in Australia is essentially a State & Territory responsibility, with Commonwealth Legislation in place to cover Commonwealth employees and certain National organisations.


There are fundamental requirements for plant & equipment safety that apply to all Australian jurisdictions, these are as follows:

Suppliers & Users of Plant must:

1.  Supply safe plant

2.  Provide information and training to assist in ensuring safe use of plant

3.  Apply the risk management principles in managing plant safety

4.  Follow the hazard identification, risk assessment & risk control process

5.  Ensure a safe system of work is in place relating to the use of plant

6.  Ensure safe systems of work consider plant, users, tasks and environment


Click on each state or territory on the left to read specific requirements of Australian WHS jurisdictions.

Plant Assessor’s Plant Safety Guidance

Plant Assessor has a clear understanding of the legislative obligations relating to plant safety, as well as years of hands on experience in managing plant safety.


This knowledge and experience has been captured in our range of research papers and guides that aim to help plant suppliers and users develop simple, holistic safety management systems surrounding their operations.


This guidance is available here.

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