Release: Connections Enhancement


We’ve enhanced the Connections experience

Every supply chain is different – and you need to be able to tailor the communication experience for different connection types. With this enhancement, when sending a Connection request, you’ll be able to select the connection type and send tailored, customisable invitations.

This update streamlines the experience, improves transparency, and helps complete the supply chain faster.

What is it?

This enhancement to Connections introduces tailored communications for different connection types.

Whether you’re a Principal Contractor requesting machines to be supplied to your site, a hire company supplying machines to a contractor, or multiple subcontractors sharing machines to get the job done, you’ll be able to send more relevant and customisable connection requests.

We’ve also introduced specific emails based on whether the recipient is a Plant Assessor member or not.

This also paves the way for future developments that will further enhance and streamline the connections and supply experience.

Why it matters:

By defining the type of connection you are making, you’ll now be able to send targeted invites with tailored, relevant information for the recipient.

That means the recipient will receive all the information they need to supply machines correctly, along with site requirements specific to them.

We’ve also included free-text space, so that custom messages can be included, such as a static URL to site information, site requirements, or a personal message.

How does it work? 

Anyone who uses the Connections functionality will see some changes. 

From the Connections page, press the “Add a New Connection” button. They will then be presented with the improved interface.

Enter the connection name, email address, and select the Connection Type. The free text is optional, and allows a request for specific machines or a friendly message as required. 

Once the details have been filled in, an email will be sent to the address specified. This email will differ depending on the Connection type specified, and shows how to accept the request in Plant Assessor.

 If the recipient does not have a Plant Assessor membership, the email will also provide step-by-step instructions on how to set one up.

Once this is complete, the process for Connections continues as normal. 

Who gets it:

Anyone who uses the Connections functionality in Plant Assessor.

In which product is this available?

Plant Assessor 3.0

For more help using this feature, visit the help centre

There is no additional cost for this improved functionality
This enhancement improves the current process; you can access the Connections functionality as normal.
The free-text field allows you to include links to any documents you wish to share in this space. You can also provide details directly in the free-text field if required.
Visit our Help Centre for more information. Alternatively, chat to one of our Plant Assessor experts - call 1300 728 852 or email
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