What is Plant?

What is Plant?

Insights from our Chief Techo – Paul Dean

This simple question is one of, if not the most common question we are asked here at Plant Assessor. The answer is quite simple however it generally leads to more questions. To answer the what is plant question, let’s start with the definition from the lawmakers.

The definition of plant from the WHS Act is as follows –

Plant includes:
(a) any machinery, equipment, appliance, container, implement and tool, and
(b) any component of any of those things, and
(c) anything fitted or connected to any of those things.

So the answer is, plant is everything? This definition certainly does point in that direction. Ok, given this definition is the real question, what do I have to do to meet my legal requirements regarding plant & equipment? Should I treat my tippers the same as I treat my demolition excavators? These questions almost always follow the question, what is plant?

The answer to these questions is actually quite simple, you have to do something. Doing nothing is not an option. If I was to go into what you need to do for every item of plant here in this article it would become a very long article indeed. Plant Assessor does have the answers, so a great first step towards doing something, is to speak with a Plant Assessor representative. Explain your fleet & your operation so that we can provide you with the appropriate information and advice to help you decide what your “something” is.

That “something” can be different for every item of plant you own, it could be to do nothing other than service a machine and record those services, it could be to get your fleet into Plant Assessor and complete free pre start checks on a weekly basis or it could be to complete risk assessments & daily pre start checks on all of your high risk machines and so on. Either way a process needs to be followed to determine what you do and I guarantee you that Plant Assessor can help you with that.

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