Part 1: Machinery Pre-start checks – Take the test


PART 1: Machinery Pre-start checks – Take the test

Matt Turner | Managing Director

This is the first in a series of 6 articles designed to give you the tools to self-assess your safety systems around machinery, plant & equipment.  

Plant Assessor’s Plant Safety Health Check has been designed to help you to run the ruler over your machinery safety systems to see if they are up to scratch.  

The Plant Safety Health Check concentrates on 6 key areas, which will be the focus of the 6 articles:

    1. Pre-Start Checks
    2. Service Scheduling & Record Keeping
    3. Information Management & Sharing
    4. Periodic Plant Inspection & Risk Assessment
    5. Contractor Management
    6. Operator Competency

Part 1 – Pre-start checks

We deal with thousands of companies that own and operate machinery, and pretty much all of them have some sort of a pre-start check process.

Most of these companies know that their pre-start process has some shortfalls – most of them do.  These shortfalls give rise to gaps and risks.

The following self-assessment will allow you to determine the type and size of these gaps (if any) in your pre-start system.

Answer the questions below and give yourself a score. (Ticking the check box = a YES answer)

Guide to Interpreting Health Scores

0 – 4 – Immediate action required. Minimal processes in place 

5 – 8 – Immediate action required. Some processes in place – significant fundamental gaps

9 – 12 – Action required. Some processes in place, some or all require further effort

13 – 16 – Good systems in place – some incremental improvements available

How did you fare?

The guidance scores above are exactly that – your circumstances and unique situation will mean that some of the questions should have greater weight than others, and some of them you may wish to exclude as you don’t see them as relevant.

Got a gap you want to close?

Questions 17 and 18 are there for a very important reason.  They are the determinants as to whether a digital pre-start system is a practical option for you to consider.

If digital is not practical for you, that’s OK – hopefully the health check has identified some opportunities to improve your traditional pre-start process.

If digital is an option for you, check out Plant Assessor and our FREE app Pre Start Plus (iOs and Android).  

You can get access to machine specific pre-start checks for more than 105,000 makes and models of equipment absolutely free, plus get access to a whole bunch of premium features to help you manage machinery safety and compliance.

If you’d like to discuss your results with an expert, please contact us and we’ll give you a call.

Disclaimer: This information is intended to provide general information on the subject matter. This is not intended as legal or expert advice for your specific situation. You should seek professional advice before acting or relying on the content of this information. 

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