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                        2 min read

                        What to be aware of when hiring machinery

                        What to be aware of when hiring machinery

                        Harnessing the power of machinery can significantly boost your project, streamlining operations and curbing the need for excessive manual labor.

                        Often, when the machinery requirement is temporary or project-specific, opting for machinery hire is a more cost effective choice. However, if you're venturing into hiring machinery without prior experience, it can be a difficult landscape to navigate. This article will provide you with crucial insights into what to be aware of when hiring machinery.


                        Machine condition

                        The machine you hire should be in top condition. When you hire out the machine, inspect it to ensure there are minimal signs of wear and tear or damage, and to ensure it is properly functioning. You can also ask if a pre-hire inspection has been completed and is available for you to view. Using a reputable supplier to hire your machinery is a great way to ensure the machine you are hiring is up to scratch.


                        Safety features

                        As an extension of the machine being in good condition, it should also have key safety measures in place. When hiring the machine, ensure it is equipped with emergency stop functionality in the event it needs to be used during, or to prevent, an incident. Also make sure it has safety guards, lockout mechanisms and alarms, which should be in place to protect your safety.


                        All required documentation is provided

                        When hiring a machine, it is a legal requirement for the hirer as a plant supplier to ensure it is as safe and free from hazards as reasonably practicable. Part of their requirements is to provide the person hiring the machine with safety documentation including safe operating procedures (SOPs), the most recent risk assessment and service history. When you pick up your machine, ensure this documentation has been provided to you in either a physical or digital format. For further information on the legislative obligations of a machinery supplier, take a look at our guide Safety legislation and obligations for machinery owners and suppliers.


                        Hire the right machine for the right job

                        If you’re not experienced with machinery or hiring machines, it’s important to make sure you select the right machine for the job at hand. Choosing the wrong machine for your needs can create safety issues and hazards, which would otherwise be avoidable. If you are unsure of which machine you need, ask a reputable supplier who will be able to point you in the right direction.


                        Operator competency

                        If you are hiring your machine as a dry hire, consider asking yourself, are you competent and qualified for operating this machine? If the answer is no, consider a wet hire instead. Wet hire is hiring an operator with the machine who will come to your site and complete the job for you. They are more likely to have the training, experience, and relevant licences to operate the machine, and it could be much safer than having a go yourself.


                        Need more advice on hiring machinery?

                        Contact Plant Assessor for more information about how to stay safe and compliant when hiring machinery. Call 1300 728 852 or email us at



                        Disclaimer: This information is intended to provide general information on the subject matter. This is not intended as legal or expert advice for your specific situation. You should seek professional advice before acting or relying on the content of this information.

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