Industry, machinery
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Here to help! – Our highly trained and expert Professional Service Team are here to assist you with a range of Field Services and Implementation Support. We can take care of the lot, or work alongside you.
Industry, machinery & safety experts on call
Here to help! – Our highly trained and expert Professional Service Team are here to assist you with a range of Field Services and Implementation Support. We can take care of the lot, or work alongside you.
Field Services
Implementation Support
Done for you
We provide the resources to do all tasks required to ensure compliant and safe plant & equipment


• Short on time? Resource Poor? No dedicated staff or safety knowledge in your business? We can help!

• We attend your site anywhere in the country to inspect your plant & equipment

• We can assist you to understand & manage any outstanding actions

• We help you comply with your obligations, by ensuring that your plant & equipment is “up to speed” and your company has met its legislative obligations

• We have the largest Plant Inspection Team in Australia and our trained inspectors can provide you with detailed reports and instant results

• Our team will help you throughout the entire process

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Unsure of the best way to manage your fleet safety?
We can help
We can setup your sites, enter your fleet, onboard your sub-contractors and assist you to develop a risk assessment plan that is simple
to manage and monitor


• Not enough time or resources? Too many systems in place now? Find it difficult to manage sub-contractors on your site? Think safety is boring?

We can setup your plan for you in a fraction of the time, allowing you to spend more time doing other productive and more enjoyable things

• Have all of your machines, sites, docs and operators all in one easy to manage place. View site snapshots, see what machines are compliant, which operators have qualifications/licences and more

• Setup your sub-contractors with Plant Assessor to enable you to view their machines, company documents and their level of compliance

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Expert advice, backed by years of
Industry knowledge & experience
Did you know, by law you are required to provide purchasers of used machinery with a summary of the machinery’s faults & risks.
Since 2004, Plant Assessor has helped hundreds of agents and vendors satisfy the legislative requirements relating to the sale of plant & equipment at clearing sales and auctions


• Unsure of your obligations? Short on time & resources? Not sure what to do next?

• Plant Assessor is the largest qualified and insured inspection team in Australia with a proven track record. We work across multiple industries and work closely with many industry leading companies

• Plant Assessor provide an end to end service, meaning you don’t have to worry about anything other than maximising the attendance & bidding at the sale

• We provide real value for money, knowing your obligations have been met and ensuring your professionalism & reputation is maintained

• We attend your site to inspect your plant & equipment using our exclusive unique & unrivalled software

• We provide thorough plant & equipment safety risk assessments and our reports are generated as soon as the inspection is complete

machinery safety made easy
Cut out the
Our team can provide your business with training services to ensure you are getting maximum value for money from Plant Assessor


• Not sure where to start? Trouble navigating the software? Unsure how to answer particular questions? Want to train some of your staff? 

• We can demonstrate remotely or onsite how to use our software to ensure you and your staff are getting full benefits from Plant Assessor

• We can provide training on how to add machines, complete pre-starts, risk assessments, view and close outstanding actions, add documents + more

• Know that your assessments are consistent and transparent, ensuring your plant & equipment “is up to speed” and your company has met its legislative obligations

• Stress less knowing you have a machinery safety expert on standby

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instant outcomes

See how Plant Assessor can help you save time & money

How can we help you?

Used by 1000s across diverse industries

Construction      Local Government     Rail     Air      Transport      Energy     Waste      Water      Hire      Rental      Mining      Dealers      Auctioneers      Clearing Sales

“A major point of difference with Kennards is our emphasis on safety. We ensure our entire range is extremely well maintained, fully calibrated and compliant so it’s presented fit-to-use every single time it’s delivered to site. Another example of our commitment to safety for all staff, customers and users of our equipment is our association with Plant Assessor.

We initially called on Plant Assessor to assist us with ensuring we had all the relevant safety related information for each piece of equipment. Plant Assessor assessed each item for us and identified any gaps in our documentation. They photographed and catalogued all relevant items and ensured anything that was unique or customised received a specific assessment. Through this work, Kennards implemented a system that ensures that any operator has access to all relevant safety and technical information at all times.

I was very impressed with the process they used to assess each piece of equipment. Their team was extremely knowledgeable, efficient and thorough. We are pleased to have found such a well credentialed business such as Plant Assessor to assist us with our safety related work and to ensure we continue to provide the best possible product to our clients.”


Alex Eiserman, Safety Manager – Rail Division – Kennards

“We considered the option of doing our own plant safety inspections however, we decided this was not the best option for us, as it may have been perceived as a conflict of interest if we were identifying safety deficiencies in vendor equipment. We were also unsure of our ability to develop and maintain suitable knowledge of safety legislation and Australia Standards.


We knew the guys from Plant Assessor as we had worked with them before, and they had illustrated both superior industry knowledge and customer service. Once they showed us their Plant Assessor online inspection system, we were convinced that all plant safety inspections would be of the highest quality. It’s been a great business relationship since the very beginning and our partnership now spans almost 10 years.”


Bruce Connors, Director – Industrial – Pickles

Landmark Albury

Clearing sales are often a very emotional event, so vendors try and get it done with a minimum of fuss and as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Therefore, issues such as third-party safety are often missed or considered unimportant.

Although clearing sales can be difficult on everyone, the last thing anyone wants is a legal issue after the event so it’s a very important subject. In recent years more and more stock and station agents are starting to see the benefits of involving Plant Assessor to protect their clients and their own business.


Plant Assessor gives us the security of being covered with risk assessments – this is especially relevant for the vendors but is also important for the Landmark brand. In a world of frequent litigation, we offer complete security for the vendors and for Landmark. It’s a modest investment for a something that ensures everyone is 100 per cent legally covered in the unfortunate event that there is an incident involving a piece of equipment sold at the clearing sale.


For our business, using Plant Assessor is mandatory when we plan and conduct clearing sales. The cost benefit is obvious. It’s an efficient and affordable process that protects all parties. And it saves us time and ensures a smooth workflow on the day.  Why wouldn’t you use it?”


Brian Liston, Rural Real Estate Manager – Landmark Albury

Miller & James Temora

A local machinery business sold a second-hand header which was later involved in major accident and the owners of that business were put through the ringer so we immediately started paying more attention to the process of ensuring machinery had all the right safety information before it left one of our clearing sales. We were acutely aware that we were responsible for ensuring it was safe to sell the equipment, but we weren’t exactly sure how to make it happen. Then I found Plant Assessor.

Many of our farming clients don’t realise that the risk is on the vendor and we are the vendor’s agent so it’s our job to ensure everything is in order. I still meet others in our industry who don’t know who’s responsible for what and certainly aren’t aware of the potential risks to their business. I tell them about Plant Assessor every time. It’s a no-brainer to get them involved with anything relating to selling farm equipment. I recommend them without hesitation.


You hire a plumber to do the plumbing and a sparky to do electrical work so why wouldn’t you use an expert in machinery safety to ensure all plant and equipment has all the right information to allow safe use when it leaves the property.


Legal issues can cost you – win or lose – plus the insurance companies expect us to follow best practice so using a system like Plant Assessor not only reduces risk but also reduces our premiums.


They send one of their team to the property a week  before the event and we make sure all machines are checked and paperwork is ready for the day. The inspection and assessment process is methodical and simple to follow and the it leaves an obvious paper trail. And because inspections are done in numerical order it’s easy to keep track of proceeding the on the day of the clearing sale.”

Chris Reardon, Director – Miller & James Temora

Carrathool Shire Council

“Sometimes it really pays to get advice and guidance from experts. We made the decision to invest some time and effort into engaging the Field Service Team from Plant Assessor and then ensuring we knew how to manage the safety related aspects of our fleet and our tools on a day-to-day basis and it really has paid dividends. The entire department has a new-found confidence in how we approach our work.


A representative of Plant Assessor arrived on site to meet with our team and conduct inspections and he quickly proved to everyone that he knew what he was talking about. He gained their respect with his comprehensive knowledge of the machines and any and all potential safety issues. He was very hands-on and gave us clear instructions about what we need to do to ensure the machines remained compliant and safe to use.


We were that impressed with the systems they have put in place and the process they follow that we now include a clause in our tenders clarifying our preference that suppliers provide a risk assessment from Plant Assessor with the equipment we purchase from them.


Carrathool Shire Council is pleased to serve as a reference for Plant Assessor, to any prospective business that is considering their platform but especially to other local council and government departments as they understand the unique nature of our sector. We are looking forward to a long and healthy business partnership with Plant Assessor.”


Bert Breuling – Manager, Fleet & Town Services – Carrathool Shire Council

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