NHVR SVB6 Version 3. Indefinite delay!

NHVR SVB6 Version 3. Indefinite delay!

Last year the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) included mandatory compliance with part 4 of AS1418.8-2008 Cranes, Hoists and Winches – Special purpose appliances as documented in the Vehicle Standards Bulletin 6 Version 3.0 (VSB6).

We wrote an article in our December newsletter to explain the changes.

1418.8 & 11

The NHVR have just released an update of Vehicle Standards Guide 17 (VSG-17) which provides the current position of the NHVR regarding the implementation of tip truck hoisting system requirements as detailed in AS1418.8 Part 4.

The NHVR make two points that we will need to consider.

The first is that the document says they believe that there is confusion regarding the best way to achieve compliance amongst tipping body manufacturers.

It is worth noting that this standard has been around since 1989, so it does seem odd that there is confusion. Having said that, I can say that none of the tipping body manufacturers that have called me have known that AS1418.8 existed prior to speaking with me.

Regardless of the level of acknowledgment of AS1418.8 the fact is that we are moving in the right direction, albeit a little slower than anticipated.

The second point is that the NHVR are proposing a two-stage approach that requires the develop- ment of a new code covering the design of tipping bodies. The development of this code will be led by the Heavy Vehicle Industry of Australia body.

Please have a read of the document for yourself.

In the absence of an outline of what compliance looks like I recommend that you continue to use
Plant Assessor to manage compliance for your tipping bodies.

Finally, I spoke with the NHVR the day before this document was released, they advised me that I would be consulted as part of their recommended solution. If you have any questions of feedback, please send it through to the team at Plant Assessor.

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