Better visibility of sites, machines & safety

Introducing NEW MySite Functionality from Plant Assessor.

Simplify the management of subcontractor machinery compliance on your site with an easy-to-use, cloud-based system & feel confident the machinery on your site is compliant 24/7.

New MySite functionality includes

Crystal clear machinery compliance and site information.

Ensure Subcontractors know exactly what machinery compliance requirements are needed to get on site. Share important site info, so they’re fully informed on site policies and procedures, for faster site onboarding.

Get connected with your contacts for easy machinery supply.

Connect with Subcontractors, and they’ll be able to simply supply compliant machinery to your site. Need to source more machines for your project? Mobilise quickly using your existing connections.

Cut out downtime with upfront machinery compliance.

Have machines meet your site requirements before they even roll up to the site gate, making the on site approval process faster, and avoiding costly down time while compliance issues are sorted.

Keep your finger on the pulse without even trying.

Get total visibility of machines working on your site and ensure safety and compliance. With flexible reporting, get notified of any non-compliance issues straight to your mobile, so you can get the problem sorted quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

MySite is a suite of new functionality that is available to Plant Assessor users. These features work together to help Principal Contractors and Subcontractors manage their sites and machinery, get on site faster, and ensure compliance and safety standards are met.
Some MySite functionality is included in your Plant Assessor membership. To use Supply Machine, PreQual and Site Reporting, pricing is dependent on the number of machines you own or manage. For full pricing information, visit our pricing page.
MySite functionality is available for users of Plant Assessor v3.0. To find out the version of Plant Assessor you're using, login to your Plant Assessor account, and check the footer of the page - your version information is available there. To speak with one of the team about which version you're using, or to upgrade to v3.0 get in touch by calling 1300 728 852, or email
If you'd like more information about MySite functionality, or Plant Assessor, we're standing by to help. Give us a call on 1300 728 852, email or book in a demo and we'll show you everything Plant Assessor has to offer.
See how it works
Find out more about MySite with a demo
  • Get it right the first time. Receive the correct machinery compliance documents, defined per your site requirements. 
  • Know that critical site information has been provided to everyone who needs it, for a safer site, and no surprises.
  • Cut out confusion, and reduce down time, safer machines and safer operators, on site and working with minimal delay.


Set up a virtual site – a central place where all your site information lives. Set the list of required documents suppliers must provide to get machinery on site, including machinery risk assessment, registration documents, operator manuals, and service history.


You can also choose the site documents you want to share with Subcontractors, such as site plans, site safety rules, traffic management plans & site policies and procedures, so they have everything they need to get on site safely and get to work faster.


You’ll have full visibility of all the machines on your site. Stored in the cloud, this information is up-to-the-minute accurate and accessible from anywhere, at any time.


Connect with Subcontractors, and they’ll be able to simply supply compliant machinery to your site. Need to source more machines for your project? Mobilise quickly using your existing connections.

  • Mobilise complaint machinery to your site quickly 


No need to jump through hoops. Once connected with Subcontractors and suppliers, you can mobilise compliant machinery to your site quickly.


This saves you time and stress, but most importantly, keeps the project moving forward.

Supply Machines

Allow Subcontractors or machinery hire companies to easily supply their machinery to your site/s. As part of the supply process, Subcontractors will be required to submit their machine profiles through the platform. They will also be required to provide any supporting machinery documents – including machine history, compliance status, service records and more – as specified by you, the site owner.  


If Prequal is elected, machine profiles can then either be approved or declined. With Subcontractors doing all the administrative heavy lifting to get their machines ready and have them supplied on your site, you’re free to do more. This means you’ve got more bandwidth for the hundred other things that need your attention and machinery supply becomes one less thing for you to worry about.

  • Avoid downtime and project delays by prequalifying machines
  • Speed up the approval process once machines arrive on site


It’s frustrating to have machines turn up at your site, only to find out they’re not compliant and/or are missing required documentation. That costs time and money, and can bring the job to a halt.


Pre-Qualification allows you to pre-approve each machine and even drill down to approve individual machine documents, such as risk-assessments or engineering certification documents, before they even arrive at the site.


That means you know machines rolling up to the gate meet your site’s compliance requirements, have all the documentation ready to go, and you can speed up the on site approval process without sacrificing safety.

Site Reporting
  • Ensure all your machinery on site is compliant all the time. 


With an in-built, dynamic site reporting function, you’ll have total visibility across all your sites, all the time. And on your mobile device, you’ll have all the information in the palm of your hand, with notifications and alerts to keep you up to date. With a click of the button you’ll be able to see and identify: 


  • All the machines on site
  • Who owns which machine
  • How many machines are pending prequalification
  • The number of actions needing attention, graded by importance
  • Number of machines that have completed their pre-op
  • Number of machines that have completed/not-completed risk assessments
  • All the machines on site that have their required documents
  • Who to contact if a machine is not compliant


Having this granular level of visibility across your site means you can identify risks and compliance issues quickly. What’s more, you’ll be able to take action quickly too and mitigate those problems before they become serious, keeping your site as safe as possible.


As a Principal Contractor, you want to make sure that your Subcontractors are using Plant Assessor to supply their machines, with all of their required documentation and risk assessments in place. As a courtesy, you have the option to sponsor their machines, meaning that any costs associated with having their machines on your site are covered by you.


Simply set up your site with your sponsorship preferences, and the machine owner will be notified that you’ve taken care of any costs associated with them supplying machines to your site automatically.

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