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Our Clients

Local Government

Local Government


Plant Assessor has been helping Local Government Authorities manage plant safety since 2004.


With more than 150 clients in this segment, Plant Assessor works closely with Councils across the country to make the onerous aspects of plant safety more manageable.


Councils tend to utilise a broad range of plant & equipment due to their diverse activities including road construction & maintenance, management of parks, gardens & other public spaces, waste collection & management, asset maintenance & management, and the list goes on.


Many Councils are also self-insured for the purposes of worker’s compensation. Self-insurance regulatory requirements mean that Councils need to maintain robust plant risk management regimes.


Plant Assessor maintains relationships with the various State based Local Government Workers Compensation Schemes, as well as with the Institute of Public Works Engineering (IPWEA). Plant Assessor has been a regular presenter at IPWEA’s Plant & Vehicle Management Seminars.


Our extensive involvement  with Local Government has led to the development of our “Hybrid Membership” which combines the convenience of full service plant inspection, with the responsiveness of a DIY Plant Assessor membership.  This has been extremely popular with Local Government clients.

Our Clients:

Plant Assessor assists thousands of plant owners & suppliers manage the risks associated with plant & equipment.
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