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Founded in 2004, Plant Assessor is used by thousands of organisations to simplify and improve their machinery safety, maintenance and uptime, and create & share rich machinery information to those who need it – be they employees, clients or suppliers.

Our clients include machinery suppliers & users,

plus those who manage contractors using machinery

Have a look at some of the industry segments that we focus on…

Plant Assessor is used by suppliers of a very broad range of equipment, including construction, agriculture, access, materials handling, ground care, trucks & trailers, industrial and workshop equipment, waste management and recycling and many others.

“Because Plant Assessor is ‘in the cloud’ it allowed us to centrally manage and monitor the process ensuring  that all of our locations were conducting  their inspections and providing the customer with risk assessments..”

Ken Anderson

National Service Manager, Tutt Bryant Equipment


“It was the ease of the process that convinced me that using Plant Assessor was the right move..”

John Masterton

Product Support Manager, Pipeline Machinery


“Plant Assessor makes our life so much easier..It’s fast, accurate, convenient and affordable and there is not a lot more you can ask for than that..”

Jade Euler

Government Contracts Administrator, Brisbane Isuzu


Brisbane Isuzu

“Plant Assessor truly are subject matter experts when it comes to the entire process of verifying the safe use of machinery and we are very pleased that we found them..”

Kirwan Barr

CEO, MSC Group


Some of our other clients in the Machinery & Truck Dealer sector –

Industries Supply

Plant Assessor is proud to list as clients some of the most recognised names in plant hire. Plant Assessor is continuing to work with leaders in the plant hire field to develop systems that are quick, convenient and simple to use, and integrated into their rental management software.

“It’s clear that Plant Assessor is a useful tool for our business.

As a plant safety management system, it certainly ticks all the boxes..”

Nathan Finlay

Compliance Manager, MAAS Group


“We have conducted comprehensive safety assessments on more than 600 pieces of large plant in the last 12 months, which would have taken us years using our old paper system..”

Peter Lupschen

Safety Manager, Ezyquip Hire


“I was very impressed with the process they used to assess each piece of equipment. Their team was extremely knowledgeable, efficient and thorough. We are pleased to have found such a well credentialed business such as Plant Assessor to assist us with our safety assessment activity…”

Alex Eiserman

Safety Manager, Rail Division – Kennards


Some of our other clients in the Hire sector –

Industries Hire

Plant Assessor is also the pre-eminent supplier of plant safety inspection services to the auction industry, and undertake machinery inspections across all States and Territories. Auctioneers like both the independence that we bring to the safety inspections undertaken on their vendors’ machinery, and also the hassle free service offered by our Professional Services team.

“The guys from Plant Assessor illustrated both superior industry knowledge and customer service.
It’s been a great business relationship since the very beginning and our partnership now spans more than 15 years…”

Bruce Connors

Director, Industrial – Pickles


Some of our other clients in the Auctioneer sector –


A Vendor selling new or second-hand plant at a clearing sale is required to inspect equipment, identify faults, and provide purchasers with advice on faults and information in relation to the safe use of the item for sale. 


In the agricultural clearing sale auction space, we enjoy relationships with many rural auctioneers, including Landmark, Elders, Ruralco, Ray White Rural & many leading regional and local agents such as Miller & James.  


These auctioneers like both the independence that we bring to the safety inspections undertaken on their vendors’ machinery, and also the hassle free service offered by our Professional Services team.


We undertake clearing sale machinery inspections across all States and Territories.

“Plant Assessor is the
market leader in supply
of plant inspection services
to clearing sale
vendors & agents..”

Andy Madigan

CEO, Australian Livestock and Property Agents Association


“Using Plant Assessor is mandatory when we plan and conduct clearing sales. The cost benefit is obvious. It’s an efficient and affordable process that protects all parties. And it saves us time and ensures a smooth workflow on the day. Why wouldn’t you use it?”

Brian Liston

Rural Real Estate Manager, Landmark


“You hire a plumber to do the plumbing and a sparky to do electrical work so why wouldn’t you use an expert in machinery safety to ensure all plant and equipment has all the right information to allow safe use when it leaves the property..”

Chris Reardon

Director – Miller & James Temora



Some of our other clients in the Clearing Sale sector –


Australian Livestock & Property Agents Association

ALPA & Plant Assessor – Working Together on Agricultural Clearing Sale Safety


The Australian Livestock & Property Agents Association (ALPA) is the National Peak Industry body for livestock and property agents.


ALPA represents more than 1,200 agency businesses across Australia. Collectively this group plays an important role in Livestock, Wool, Merchandise and Rural Property sales and marketing.


ALPA Members handle in excess of 97% of rural agency business Australia Wide. It is one of the largest organisations of small rural business men and women, relied on to protect the interests of agents and producers nationally.


Clearing Sale Safety


ALPA assists members in a multitude of ways; one of which is to provide guidance to agents to assist them help vendors in the management of safety obligations at Agricultural Clearing Sales.


In anticipation of the arrival of harmonisation of safety legislation across Australian jurisdictions, ALPA reviewed its clearing sale safety guidance, and Plant Assessor was delighted to provide some assistance in this process.


This resulted in the issue of a revised guidance document which is available to all ALPA members.


Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 3.18.52 pm

Vendors are “Suppliers” of Plant for WHS Legislation Purposes


A clearing sale vendor is a supplier of second hand plant and therefore must comply with the 2nd supplier provisions of the Workplace Health and Safety Laws.


Vendor obligations are outlined in Plant Assessor’s outline document Vendor Clearing Sale Safety Obligations.


The ALPA clearing sale safety pack advises agents to explain these obligations to vendors, and recommend that vendors consider obtaining expert assistance in satisfying these obligations – with Plant Assessor being a recommended expert organisation.


The Plant Assessor Inspection Process


Plant Assessor is the market leader in supply of plant inspection services to clearing sale vendors & agents.


The Plant Assessor inspection process is highly efficient, due to the use of the Plant Assessor inspection system. This allows us to guarantee the most comprehensive inspection process at the lowest overall cost.


Plant Assessor follows the process outlined below when conducting clearing sale plant inspections.


  1. Review the sale inventory and determine what items are “plant” for legal purposes
  2. Divide these items into:
    • Scrap items (category 1)
    • Items not worth enough to justify a detailed assessment (category 2)
    • Items requiring an individual inspection (category 3)
  3. Scrap stickers applied to scrap items
  4. Plant Assessor generic safety advices provided for category 2 items
  5. Conduct detailed inspections on category 3 items
  6. Print detailed reports and provide to agent/vendor


The Plant Assessor team is extremely proud to be associated with the ALPA clearing sale safety initiative.

Miller & James Real Estate

A local machinery business sold a second-hand header which was later involved in major accident and the owners of that business were put through the ringer so we immediately started paying more attention to the process of ensuring machinery had all the right safety information before it left one of our clearing sales. We were acutely aware that we were responsible for ensuring it was safe to sell the equipment, but we weren’t exactly sure how to make it happen. Then I found Plant Assessor.

Many of our farming clients don’t realise that the risk is on the vendor and we are the vendor’s agent so it’s our job to ensure everything is in order. I still meet others in our industry who don’t know who’s responsible for what and certainly aren’t aware of the potential risks to their business. I tell them about Plant Assessor every time. It’s a no-brainer to get them involved with anything relating to selling farm equipment. I recommend them without hesitation.


You hire a plumber to do the plumbing and a sparky to do electrical work so why wouldn’t you use an expert in machinery safety to ensure all plant and equipment has all the right information to allow safe use when it leaves the property.


Legal issues can cost you – win or lose – plus the insurance companies expect us to follow best practice so using a system like Plant Assessor not only reduces risk but also reduces our premiums.


They send one of their team to the property a week  before the event and we make sure all machines are checked and paperwork is ready for the day. The inspection and assessment process is methodical and simple to follow and the it leaves an obvious paper trail. And because inspections are done in numerical order it’s easy to keep track of proceeding the on the day of the clearing sale.”

Chris Reardon, Director – Miller & James Temora


Clearing sales are often a very emotional event, so vendors try and get it done with a minimum of fuss and as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Therefore, issues such as third-party safety are often missed or considered unimportant.

Although clearing sales can be difficult on everyone, the last thing anyone wants is a legal issue after the event so it’s a very important subject. In recent years more and more stock and station agents are starting to see the benefits of involving Plant Assessor to protect their clients and their own business.


Plant Assessor gives us the security of being covered with risk assessments – this is especially relevant for the vendors but is also important for the Landmark brand. In a world of frequent litigation, we offer complete security for the vendors and for Landmark. It’s a modest investment for a something that ensures everyone is 100 per cent legally covered in the unfortunate event that there is an incident involving a piece of equipment sold at the clearing sale.


For our business, using Plant Assessor is mandatory when we plan and conduct clearing sales. The cost benefit is obvious. It’s an efficient and affordable process that protects all parties. And it saves us time and ensures a smooth workflow on the day.  Why wouldn’t you use it?”


Brian Liston, Rural Real Estate Manager – Landmark Albury

Local subcontractor benefits from real-time and transparent data to manage INLink Rail JV fleet

MAAS Group is a diversified business based in Dubbo specialising in wet and dry plant hire, quarrying and property development.


As Nathan Finlay, Compliance Manager for MAAS Group explains, “civil earthworks is our specialty, we know how to move dirt and we do it very well.”


MAAS Group undertakes work for a diverse range of clients including local councils, state government departments including RMS, private clients and major contractors managing significant projects such as the InLink Rail joint venture currently based in Parkes.


They run a large fleet consisting of more than 200 assets ranging in size from a Caterpillar D11 dozer down to a Bobcat.


“We go where the work is,” explains Nathan. “We spent a lot of time in Queensland a few years back working on various major earthworks projects and we currently have various plant items working on both Sydney Metro and West Connex tunneling projects in Sydney. Closer to home, we are completing various jobs for the Dubbo Regional Council including upgrades at the airport.”


In late 2018, MAAS Group was chosen as a preferred supplier for both wet and dry hire for the InLink Rail JV after winning a very competitive tender process. 


At the same time, Plant Assessor had been selected as the provider of a whole-of-site machinery safety system for the project and was working with BMD to configure the platform to enable site access and ensure compliance for all contractors supplying machinery for the project. That gave Plant Assessor an opportunity to work with MAAS Group and around 50 other businesses.


MAAS Group has 49 machines allocated to the project of which 45 were active in June 2019. Prior to being introduced to Plant Assessor, MAAS Group previously managed its machinery compliance function in-house.


 “Most earthworks project as a minimum require MAAS Group to provide SWMS, service history, risk assessments & pre-hire plant inspections which are managed and monitored on an internal system we’ve developed over the years,” explains Nathan. 


“The more jobs we work on we are noticing the requirements can be quite different on each site. We’ve been exposed to different safety management processes and compliance systems such as Plant Assessor,” explains Nathan.


“Our introduction to Plant Assessor has been very positive.”


“The set-up process was easy to follow. Uploading the details and documents for each machine is straight forward. Once you’ve done a few, the flow is quite quick and easy. It is a very user-friendly system for sure.”


“I had to call the help desk once or twice and they were very helpful. I got through straight away and they dealt with my inquiry on the spot.”


Nathan says the practical benefits of Plant Assessor are the most important to the business.


“The system tells you exactly what you need to do before you can get a piece of gear on site which saves us a lot of time and effort. We need to make sure our machines and operators are up and running as quickly as possible so anything we can do prior to the start date to make this easier is helpful.”


MAAS Group has its own service management tool but the visibility around machine use and performance they have through Plant Assessor is an added bonus according to Nathan.


“The service interval feature in Plant Assessor that shows which machines have a service pending is really good. It’s very helpful to see the service status on machines, and on the odd occasion there is a problem, the process to address the issue is very easy to follow” he says. 


“We have a full-time mechanic and a full-time supervisor on the INLink JV project site so we can attend to any issue around compliance or performance immediately we see a flag on the plant Assessor platform.”


“Advanced notification for any renewals is also a very handy feature.”


Nathan explains that the machine operators have also embraced the technology for completing pre-start checks on each machine prior to starting work. Daily interaction with the Plant Assessor platform has become an important part of their plant management process.


“Our operators are very comfortable with the process around pre-start checks. They understand that its important part of ensuring they have a safe work environment and also an important indicator to keep our gear working effectively,” he says.


“It’s clear that Plant Assessor is a useful tool for our business.  As a plant safety management system, it certainly ticks all the boxes.”

“We considered the option of doing our own plant safety inspections however, we decided this was not the best option for us, as it may have been perceived as a conflict of interest if we were identifying safety deficiencies in vendor equipment. We were also unsure of our ability to develop and maintain suitable knowledge of safety legislation and Australia Standards.


We knew the guys from Plant Assessor as we had worked with them before, and they had illustrated both superior industry knowledge and customer service. Once they showed us their Plant Assessor online inspection system, we were convinced that all plant safety inspections would be of the highest quality. It’s been a great business relationship since the very beginning and our partnership now spans almost 10 years.”


Bruce Connors, Director (Industrial) Pickles

Plant Assessor is quick and easy to use and is very thorough. Our team members can check the status of plant safety online at any time, and can also provide detailed, machine specific risk assessments to our clients while they have plant on hire with the simple click of a button.


We have been able to conduct comprehensive safety assessments on more than 600 pieces of large plant in the last 12 months, which would have taken us years using our old paper system. The system allows the team to have a more unified approach when monitoring and maintaining the safety of the fleet.”


Peter Lutschen, Safety Manager – Ezyquip

“A major point of difference with Kennards is our emphasis on safety. We ensure our entire range is extremely well maintained, fully calibrated and compliant so it’s presented fit-to-use every single time it’s delivered to site. Another example of our commitment to safety for all staff, customers and users of our equipment is our association with Plant Assessor.

We initially called on Plant Assessor to assist us with ensuring we had all the relevant safety related information for each piece of equipment. Plant Assessor assessed each item for us and identified any gaps in our documentation. They photographed and catalogued all relevant items and ensured anything that was unique or customised received a specific assessment. Through this work, Kennards implemented a system that ensures that any operator has access to all relevant safety and technical information at all times.

I was very impressed with the process they used to assess each piece of equipment. Their team was extremely knowledgeable, efficient and thorough. We are pleased to have found such a well credentialed business such as Plant Assessor to assist us with our safety related work and to ensure we continue to provide the best possible product to our clients.”


Alex Eiserman, Safety Manager – Rail Division – Kennards

Tutt Bryant Equipment is the largest multi-franchise national distributor of construction equipment and cranes in Australia.  They operate branches in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.


Tutt Bryant Equipment supply a comprehensive selection of quality construction equipment ranging from excavators, loaders, tool carriers, compactors, rollers, hydraulic hammers, milling and paving machines, mobile crushers, screens and stackers, cranes and access equipment.  Brands include Bomag, Sumitomo, Kato, Kawasaki, Mustang, Manitou (NSW), Hitachi-Sumitomo, Yanmar, Okada and Metso.


A Focus on Customer Value


Tutt Bryant Equipment prides itself on maintaining a deep understanding of its client base, their equipment requirements, as well as their service, parts and support needs.


In 2007, National Service Manager, Ken Anderson was investigating how to manage the provision of safety information across their wide variety of equipment and geographic locations.


Whilst some might consider this issue to be just another administrative challenge, Ken saw it as an opportunity to deliver additional value to the company’s customers.


“We knew we had to make sure machinery was safe for use and accompanied by suitable safety information.  We were struggling with manual inspection and reporting systems which proved technically very difficult, and practically hard to manage.”


“In addition to this, many of our clients work in high risk industries where safety is a high priority, and the compliance requirements are challenging.  Our customers notified us that they were regularly being asked by their clients to provide risk assessments on their equipment.”


The Decision to Use Plant Assessor


The decision to go with Plant Assessor as the system of choice came down to a number of things, as Ken explains:


“Firstly, selling such a broad range of equipment, the amount of knowledge we needed to maintain regarding safety standards was unmanageable.  Plant Assessor solved this for us;  they provided us with a structured, thorough, machine specific process that could be used by anyone in our business who had a good understanding of the equipment being sold”


“Secondly, because Plant Assessor is “in the cloud” it allowed us to centrally manage and monitor the process ensuring  that all of our locations were conducting  their inspections and providing the customer with risk assessments”


“Thirdly, there was a benefit to our customers in receiving a Plant Assessor assessment – they could use it in their business operations if they chose to.”


The Situation 7 Years On


Plant Assessor has been integrated into Tutt Bryant Equipment’s day to day selling activities, and is helping to simplify, streamline and improve the quality of their plant safety regime as well as providing both administration cost and efficiency gains.


The Tutt Bryant Group of companies includes two other divisions; being Tutt Bryant Hire and Tutt Bryant Heavy Lift & Shift.


Plant Assessor is now working with these divisions to help streamline and improve their plant safety processes.


We are proud to be associated with the professional and customer focused team at Tutt Bryant.

Pipeline Machinery Australia

Pipeline Machinery International, the first Cat® equipment dealer without geographical borders, provides equipment and support to the mainline pipeline construction industry operating around the globe.


Pipeline Machinery Australia, a division of Pipeline Machinery International, has supplied a significant number of machines to major Australian pipeline projects such as the QCLNG Pipeline project. Equipment supplied includes pipe layers, pipe welding units and other earthmoving equipment.


Pipeline Machinery Australia (PMA) identified the need for serial number specific risk assessments when supplying equipment into these major projects.


PMA’s Australian Product Support Manager John Masterton identified that Plant Assessor was able to help PMA satisfy this requirement.

John initially conducted a one off e-Assessment, which involved him liaising with a Plant Assessor team member to conduct a detailed inspection on a Caterpillar Side Boom Pipelayer, which resulted in the production of a comprehensive risk assessment document that satisfied his customer.


At the same time, John was given a demonstration of how Plant Assessor could be used on a “Do It Yourself” basis to conduct assessments on a massive range of equipment. PMA signed up for a DIY membership within a few days of his initial experience with Plant Assessor.


John says “It was the ease of the process that convinced me that using Plant Assessor was the right move.”


Plant Assessor’s comprehensive risk assessment solution has meant that John and his team has been able to conveniently and thoroughly conduct the high quality risk assessments required to service an industry that places a very high value on using safe and compliant plant.


Plant Assessor is also used by other members of the Caterpillar family, including Cavpower in South Australia, Hastings Deering in Queensland and Westrac in New South Wales. We are very proud of our association with Caterpillar and its distributors.

MSC Group – When it comes to assessing specialty plant & equipment, Plant Assessor crushes it!

The MSC Group has been supplying mobile screening and crushing equipment to the extractive and recycling industries in Australia and the Pacific region since it was established by the Barr family in 1986.


In this time the business has established itself as Australia’s leading supplier of mobile screening and crushing equipment solutions and now operates from three strategic branch locations in Brisbane, Newcastle and Melbourne. Each branch facilitates equipment sales, equipment dry-hire, spare part sales and on-site service.


The business has been built on strong values of fairness, integrity and authenticity and this is reflected in the fact that all key staff, including branch managers and the senior management team, as well as a significant number of key customers, have been with MSC for well over a decade.


Since 2008, MSC has distributed the complete range of products from McCloskey International who are recognised throughout the world as a leader in the design and manufacture of high quality mobile screening and crushing equipment. These units are delivered to Australia from two manufacturing facilities in Northern Ireland and Canada.


This alliance between The MSC Group and McCloskey International and has been an incredible success with hundreds of units now operating all over Australia and the Pacific.  MSC Group have been awarded a number of awards over the past decade including McCloskey International’s prestigious ‘Global Dealer of The Year’ award In 2014


The MSC Group is headed by brothers Kirwan Barr & Philip Barr, Kirwan as CEO has worked in the screening and crushing industry his entire working life. He started with Power Screen in the 1980’s and his career included working in sales, spare parts, service departments and branch management.


“We supply equipment to mining operations, quarries, major construction businesses, a growing number of large privately-owned companies and local councils,” explains Kirwan.


“Our customers can hire or buy the equipment and our client base is almost split 50:50 across ownership and hire. Regardless of if they hire or purchase the plant, we are insistent that it is commissioned by MSC personnel and is safe to use.”


The machines are imported ready to use but require some basic modifications to ensure they adhere to Australian safety standards.


“Mobile screening & crushing equipment is somewhat unique in that it is modular,” explains Kirwan.


“Essentially each solution starts with central units and then it’s added to depending on the size of the job and the type of materials that need to be produced. The larger units can have a series 10 or more different machines and can be relatively complex.”


“We fit upgraded safety guards and lanyard emergency stops to the machines and some require customisation around electrics or hydraulics.”


The MSC Group initially came across Plant Assessor when they won a tender for a Brisbane-based local council and the tender document stipulated that machines that were supplied by the successful bidder must include a risk assessment from Plant Assessor.


“We weren’t aware that such a platform existed,” says Kirwan.


“Prior to using Plant Assessor, we were doing plant risk assessments in-house and doing what we believed was the right thing to do regarding assessing the machines.”


“Now we can conduct these assessments quickly and with complete assurance they are comprehensive and accurate.


“And because our products are a relatively niche solution, Plant Assessor has been very helpful in ensuring the assessments comply with the various, relevant Australian Standards. Any time we’ve had a new machine arrive in Australia they have been very accommodating at adding an assessment for that type into the system.”


“Plant Assessor truly are subject matter experts when it comes to the entire process of verifying the safe use of machinery and we are very pleased that we found them.”

Brisbane Isuzu
“Our customers rely on us to know if their vehicle is compliant and that’s why we rely on Plant Assessor”

Brisbane Isuzu is a family owned, multi award winning business which sells a comprehensive range of Isuzu Trucks, D-MAX and MU-X vehicles. Trading since 1989 from state-of-the-art, modern showrooms and display lots in Archerfield, Burpengary and Eagle Farm, the dealerships have developed a reputation for delivering commercial vehicles to exact specifications.


Recognised by both peers and customers for excellence in sales, service and parts, the team at Brisbane Isuzu adopt a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude when it comes to getting the right vehicle for the customer on the right day at the right price.


Many of the vehicles it sells are heavily customised and it has developed a strong reputation across Brisbane and south-east Queensland for providing local and state government entities with cost effective solutions for commercial vehicles, especially those used in asset maintenance and construction.


To cater for these bespoke solutions, the dealership has its own in-house engineering department, light manufacturing and spray painting facility on site.


“Some models come from the factory with enhancements already complete but, for the majority of customers, we simply receive the cab chassis and we then set about modifying the vehicle to meet the client’s exact specifications,” explains Scott Holmes, the Government Sales Manager at Brisbane Isuzu.


“We have to scope, engineer, manufacture, fit, test and certify any additions and modifications to the vehicle that we receive from Isuzu.”


Scott explains that one of the dealership’s government sector clients initially requested a safety assessment on a vehicle before they’d accept it into their fleet.


“We actually found the contact details for Plant Assessor in a tender document which was extremely fortuitous,” explains Scott.


“We initially conducted a one off, remote assessment using their guidance but we quickly became a subscriber with full membership because we immediately saw the value in the platform.”


Brisbane Isuzu now conduct self-assessments and in peak times and for unique assessments also call on members of Plant Assessor’s Professional Services team to visit the dealership and conduct independent on-site assessments.  As of June 2018, Brisbane Isuzu has 30 active Plant Assessor users and Plant Assessor has added specifications for over 150 models of Isuzu trucks into the Plant Assessor database


Before they discovered Plant Assessor, Brisbane Isuzu was not using any formal system for risk assessment.


“We were getting things checked over by an engineer for the modifications only,” explains Scott.


“And even then, many modifications were beyond our technical expertise – for example, we didn’t know a great deal about cranes – so it was a cumbersome process.”


“With Plant Assessor, the service levels are first rate and the technical assistance is excellent.”

“We recently supplied some very unique vehicles for a state government customer which were not on scope, so we needed a new specification drawn up. Plant Assessor gave this their immediate attention and also sent staff to help with the assessments, so we were able to meet the deadline because of their help.”


“And just last week we needed an urgent assessment on a water tanker and an emulsion vehicle which were required on site urgently for a critical task and Plant Assessor made it happen overnight. Our customers are so grateful for our fast fit-out and delivery times, but we literally couldn’t do it without Plant Assessor.”


“Having a business partner such as Plant Assessor helps our customers satisfy some conditions in their procurement policies, especially around ancillary equipment that involves hydraulics, cranes and other non-standard functionality.”


“The content generated by Plant Assessor around AS4024 and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator is exceptional. They are truly subject matter experts.”


“Plant Assessor makes our life so much easier,” explains Jade Euler, Government Contracts Administrator at Brisbane Isuzu.”


“It’s fast, accurate, convenient and affordable and there is not a lot more you can ask for than that.”


“We even get our safety labels from Plant Assessor – they have supplied numerous label packs specifically for Brisbane Isuzu with a mix specific to our modified vehicles.”


“We have a great working relationship – we really appreciate them as a supplier and I know they also really appreciate our custom.”

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