Benefits of Safety Management

Improved Customer Service

Improved customer service and professionalism

It is increasingly common for customers to include safety as a key criterion when deciding between suppliers. Implementation of safe systems of work around plant & equipment is obvious for both employees and customers.


Many customers attend suppliers’ premises to pick up goods or attend meetings, and are hence subject to on site risks similar to employees.


It is quite clear that suppliers who have good safety systems in place appear (and generally are) more professional.


These are the businesses that have such attributes as clearly delineated walkways and exclusion/danger zones and traffic management, clear instructions to visitors, well maintained and presented plant featuring appropriate safety features such as reverse beepers, safety decals and safety beacons, and clear and consistent operating procedures.


All of these things add to both the consistency and reliability of the service received, as well as giving a client a feeling of professionalism and care for employees, contractors and visitors.

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