All Machines. Every detail. On one screen.

All Machines. Every detail. On one screen.

Mark McLachlan – Team Leader Enterprise Clients

Plant Assessor users are very familiar with the many features and benefits that come from using Plant Assessor. Such as –

  • Machine specific comprehensive risk management surveys and reports
  • Machine specific shareable digital daily pre start checks
  • Comprehensive actions management functionality
  • Weekly and monthly reporting
  • Assessment scheduling functionality
  • Assessment, action and scheduling dashboards and so on.

While all of these features are great, what if I said to you that you could also see and manage every machine on every one of your sites from your phone, or that you could specify your requirements for subbies, their machines and their operators on a site by site basis and then see if they meet these requirements in one screen, on your phone?

Sound interesting? Well I have good news for you because all of this is possible in today’s Plant Assessor. Plant Assessor is a now an information and management sharing platform that allows all the relevant parties involved to perform the tasks required to meet their requirements as both prime and subcontractors.

Prime contractors set up sites, subcontractors share their machine to these sites and instantly everyone can see the following in one screen on their phone,
tablet or laptop –

  • who owns each machine
  • assessment status of the machine
  • the machine status against the site requirements
  • pre start status
  • machine service status

The benefits to all are instantly obvious. Site owners have complete transparency of the machines on their sites today and forever, subcontractors can see where their machines are and they only need to add their documents once. Pre starts are free in Plant Assessor so no more buying pre start books either.  As a result, thousands of machines are being shared to sites in Plant Assessor every month.

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