Benefits of Safety Management

Efficient Business Processes

More robust and efficient business processes

In the same fashion that an obvious safe system of work contributes to the feeling and appearance of professionalism, the procedural aspects of a safe system of work are highly likely to result in better business processes.


Many corporations in Australia and indeed across the globe have successfully used safety as a driver of business performance. Most organisations would love a magic wand to be able to adapt behaviours from “what we have always done” to “what we want to be known for”. The process of executing this style of change has become known as change management.


The challenge of changing behaviours in a workplace is often a very substantial one. The most critical aspect of any change program is engaging those who you wish to change by clarifying “What’s In It For Me?”. Without people seeing the benefit of a change, the chance of a lasting change is very slim.


Safety is something that arguably (at its most base level) employees are more interested in than employers. No one wants or expects to go home from work in a fundamentally worse state than they arrived.


Safety therefore is an excellent “common goal” between employers and employees. In addition to this, safe outcomes are delivered by investigating and streamlining business processes to identify and treat risks.


This style of investigation is exactly what is requires to improve the efficiency of processes, and deliver better customer service and financial outcomes as well.


A substantial component of safety system implementation involves the development and implementation of work procedures, combined with training and competency assessment.


This again is exactly what a business will do in order to ensure it achieves targeted efficiency, service and profit outcomes. The saying “good safety is good business” has evolved – and is both logically and historically justifiable.


At Plant Assessor, we subscribe to this way of thinking, and welcome any opportunity to share thoughts with our clients and other industry participants with a view to enhancing both their safety and broader business outcomes.

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