Contractor Management
made easy

Plant Assessor offers fleet & contractor management tools designed to make your life easier. Save time, reduce paperwork, share information & ensure all parties are aware of their obligations.
As a Prime Contractor:

Increase your visibility over Sub Contractor compliance.
Invite your subbies to site, sponsor their machines,
set required documents, approve documents & machines.

As a Sub Contractor:

Upload your compliance documents in minutes,
share with the site manager
& get on site quicker.

A Prime Contractor creates a site & sets –


– Site Status:

Public: site visible to all Plant Assessor users
Invite only: site only visible to invitees
Invite & approve: site only visible to invitees that have machines that you have approved
Internal: site only visible to users in your membership


– Required Site Documents


– Setup rules around machine sponsorship on this site

A Prime Contractor invites a Sub Contractor to connect via the connections page.


The Sub Contractor will receive an email with the connection request & how to accept it.

If the Sub Contractor does not have a PA account they will have to create a PAYG membership.


Both parties may access the connections page to view the connection status – accepted, pending or rejected. A Prime Contractor can add contacts (employees) to a connection (company) at anytime.

After a connection is established a Prime Contractor may invite a Sub Contractor to a pre-qualification site process.


The Sub Contractor will receive an email detailing the pre-qual site process.

Once the pre-qual invitation has been sent, the Sub Contractor may add machines to the pre-qual site process.


This allows the Prime Contractor to view the machines status, history, documents & assess if it meets the site requirements.


A Sub Contractor can get their machines pre approved and get on site quicker.

A Sub Contractor can complete a Site Acceptance Assessment (checklist.) Questions in this assessment are specific to the site owned by the Prime Contractor.


The Prime Contractor can conduct a review of a completed assessment. The review results show any variances between the original and review assessment plus any actions required.

Prime Contractor can set site default documents that a Sub Contractor must comply to. The library icon shows docs required by the pre-qual site the machine is assigned to.


Prime Contractor can approve or reject documents added by the Sub Contractor.


The Sub Contractor receives an email if their docs have been approved or rejected.


Prime Contractor can also approve or reject a machine based on compliance, assessments & documents supplied.


The Sub Contractor will be notified via email if a machine is approved or rejected – comments will be included if rejected.



A Prime Contractor may opt to pay the costs associated with Plant Assessor use for the machines that a
Sub Contractor uses to fulfil a contract. (ie. machine used on
 their site.) Prime Contractor’s can only sponsor machines that have been added to a pre-qual site process. The Prime Contractor clicks ‘sponsor machine’ selects sponsorship machine level (Plus or Edge $3-$15 p/m) as well as a date range.

The Sub Contractor (machine owner) will receive an email notifying them of the sponsorship.


The billing status tab (My Account) shows –

  • Machines you sponsor (-$)
  • Your machines that are sponsored (credit $)

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