Our Clients - Construction Industry: Plant Assessor
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Our Clients

Construction Industry

Construction Industry


The construction industry is dynamic, fast moving and complex, and so is the plant & equipment it utilises.


Plant Assessor works extensively within the construction industry, with hundreds of clients ranging from Tier 1 contractors, to owner operators with one or two pieces of plant. We have a solution to fit construction, no matter how big you are.


We are continuing to invest significant time and effort into enhancing Plant Assessor, and building parallel systems to deliver a holistic plant safety management system tailored to the demanding requirements of the construction industry.
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We are proud to have a long association with the Civil Contractors’ Federation. We currently provide plant safety helpdesks for Members of CCF South Australia, CCF Victoria and CCF Western Australia.

Our Clients:

Plant Assessor assists thousands of plant owners & suppliers manage the risks associated with plant & equipment.
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