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Clearing Sale Safety

Clearing Sale Safety


By definition, a farm is a workplace under safety legislation. As the controller of the workplace the clearing sale vendor has a legal obligation to make it safe for employees, agents & clearing sale attendees.


Safety legislation in Australia is essentially a State responsibility. This means that requirements vary across Australia, however in relation to sale of second hand plant, the Vendor’s legal requirements are similar.


In essence, as a Vendor selling new or second hand plant at a clearing sale you are required to inspect equipment, identify faults, and provide purchasers with advice on faults and information in relation to the safe use of the item for sale. This is a Plant Safety Advice.




The steps below outline the recommended process for dealing with clearing sale plant safety obligations.


  1. Create a detailed list of all items to be sold at clearing sale
  2. Review the list and identify items fitting the legislative definition of “plant”
  3. Conduct detailed inspections of all plant items
  4. Prepare Plant Safety Advices
  5. Label all plant deemed scrap/parts
  6. Provide Plant Safety Advices to Agent for provision to purchasers


Plant Assessor recommends that Vendors seek external assistance in complying with these legislative requirements. We can arrange for an expert to contact you to assist you to meet these legislative requirements.



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