Pricing: Plant Assessor
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Pay As You Go Pricing

Pay per machine per month for the features you want with no hidden costs. Opt out anytime you choose.


Sign Up for a Plant Assessor Membership


Add machines & people (users)


Start Using PA features

Pay by machine – see below

Bonus credit available for term commitment  learn more  

Enterprise pricing available for large users (250 machines per annum)

Have a combination of
machine levels in one membership.
Machines are free until a Plus or
Edge feature is used.
Downgrade a machine anytime.

Add Machines


Profile Mgmt


per machine, per month



Owner & Site Mgmt

Add/Manage Docs


per machine, per month


Risk Assessments


Fleet Action Mgmt


per machine, per month (min 12 months)


Sale Assessments

Action Mgmt

Document Mgmt



Learn More


Unlimited Users

Add as many users (people) as you wish to your membership.

Profile Management

Allows you to manage your own profile – add contact details, profile picture & more.

Digital Pre-ops

Conduct daily (or more frequently) pre-op checks on any machine. Plant Assessor can add extra items to these checks for individual memberships (for a fee.)


Assign any machine to individual favourites list. Simply click the gold star in the machine edit screen. A great feature for any membership with many machines.

Scheduling Notifications

Receive weekly notifications of overdue and future assessments. A great planning tool for Operators and Managers.

Scheduling Dashboards

Shows all machines scheduled for assessment.

Customise Assessment Schedule

Custom Assessment Schedule based on your machine types.

Export to Excel

As the name suggests, exports all selected machines to excel with all relevant data.

Share OUT

The assignment of your machine to an external public site.

Machine Document Mgmt

Add machine specific documents eg. Service Manual x2, Condition Report, Service Manual, Registration and more.

Company Document Mgmt

Add documents that apply at a company wide level – eg. Business Insurance, Company Policies, Business Registration and more

PA or BYO Risk Assessment Mgmt

Complete a Plant Assessor Risk Assessment or upload your own.

Assessment Dashboard

Plus machines with a completed Plant Assessor Risk Assessment will appear in the assessments dashboard

Assign to any Site

Plus machines can be assigned to any internal or external public site. Assigning to an external public site will incur a share out fee (see below.)

Assign to any Owner

Assign a machine to a non-default owner.


Safe operating procedures – outlines correct procedures to follow when using a machine.

Plant Assessor Risk Assessment

Machine, state and purpose specific comprehensive risk assessment.

Unlimited Assessment Purpose

Complete risk assessments with any purpose (hire, MDG, plant in use & more)

Logo on Reports

Your company logo appears on reports such as Risk Management Report & SOP.

Fleet Action Mgmt

Use the actions page to manage oustanding actions – identify high risk machines, view an actions report, assign people to complete actions.

Actions Dashboard

View/print a breakdown of your completed & outstanding actions – plus a 12 mth action summary

Trade In

Machine specific comprehensive risk assessment before you trade the machine.


Machine Type A

Workshop/hand held – 

eg. Angle Grinder, Table Saw, Hand Held Drill, Staple Gun..

Machine Type B

Simple self propelled + trailing –

eg. Tipper, Plant Trailer, Box Trailer, Water Tanker..

Machine Type C

Complex machinery –

eg. Excavator, Bobcat, Harvester, Crane, Tractor..

Extras – Sharing Charges:

Share IN

$ per machine, per mth, per site – machines assigned to a your public sites.

$ per month




$ per month




Machine Type A


$ per month




(min 12 months)

Machine Type B


one off fee




Machine Type C


How does it work?

We’ve put together some pricing scenarios below – click the USE or SUPPLY tab and scroll through the examples.

eg. I’m a Principal Contractor using my machines as well as subbies

We have a small fleet of 8 of our own machines – 2 are simple self propelled machines (type B) that don’t need risk assessments
(plus level machines), 6 are complex machines (type C) that require risk assessments (edge level machines). Another 21 complex machines (type C)
on our sites belong to a subbies (shared in). This means we only pay a sharing fee.

eg. I’m a Contractor using my own equipment

I have a tipper, a plant trailer, a small excavator and a skidsteer. The tipper (type B), excavator and skidsteer (type C) require risk assessments.
I don’t need an assessment or documents added to my trailer, therefore it will stay as a free machine

eg. I’m a Small Dealer

I sell 20 items of plant each year, 5 are less complex trailing machines (type B) and 15 are complex self-propelled machines (type C).
All machines require sale assessments (exchange machines)

eg. I’m a Large Dealer

I sell large numbers of machines each year. All machines I sell require sale assessments (exchange machines).
12  are simple workshop/hand held machines (type A), 28 are simple self propelled machines (type B) and 42 complex machines (type A)

eg. I’m a Hire company supplying machinery

We have a large fleet of 120 complex machines – 95 require Plant Assessor risk assessments, which make them edge machines. The other 25 already have risk assessments created elsewhere, we have added these to the machine documents section for each machine making these plus machines.  We are currently hiring out 52 edge machines to an external site (sharing out.)  Sharing out is an included feature of an edge machine.

* Please note: monthly prices will vary depending on what features are used. View your billing status anytime via My Account. 

Spend & Save – Get bonus credit when you commit to a minimum 12 month term at a fixed rate (learn more.)

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