What’s my name again?

What’s my name again?

While this seems like a simple questions, we wonder if some users know the answer when we hear that they’re logging into Plant Assessor as someone else. Whether you’re an administrator logging in under the business owner’s name, or one of several operators out on site all logging in with the same details, we thought we’d take a moment to discuss why every user should have their own login, and let you know how easy it is to get that set up. And since it’s free to add as many users as you like, regardless of your membership level, there really is no reason to hesitate.

So what’s the big deal?

As most of our users are probably aware, safety is a serious topic in the workplace. Plant Assessor is designed for businesses of all sizes to simplify the way they manage their machinery safety obligations. It does this by allowing users to create comprehensive safety documentation for their machinery and also acts as an auditable trail of when outstanding actions are completed. In the case of an incident or investigation,  it is important that the data in your Plant Assessor membership is accurate and auditable. In addition, having a unique login for each of your users will mean you have better security as you’re not sharing passwords, and better control over the features your users have access to by setting different user permissions as needed.

So how do you go about it?

Adding new users is quite simple. You can find instructions in our Help Centre here, but there are essentially four steps.

  1. Details – We need a First Name, Last Name and a unique email for all new users. While the rest of the information is not required, we suggest that you always include a mobile number and state to assist us with supporting your users if they ever experience any technical issues.
  2. Roles – You can give your users different permissions by assigning them different user roles. See below for a more detailed description.
  3. Notifications – You can turn on monthly notifications for your users to advise them of upcoming and overdue assessments. Contact us directly for more information.
  4. Employee Library – Upload documents for your users including licences and qualifications. The employee library is included in free memberships, so there is no fee for storing these documents.

Once your users are setup, you can update their details at any time, as well as disable their login if they ever leave your business. This means you won’t have to issue a new password to several people all sharing the same login, just to remove access for one ex-employee. The only detail that cannot be edited is the email address, however, we can overwrite this field if required so please contact us for assistance.

Plant Assessor user roles and what they mean –

Admin – For managers and office staff who need to add and manage other users and permissions.

Role Permissions Include: scheduling assessments, managing machines, owners, sites and the library. While it doesn’t include permission to create and complete assessment, it will allow the person to assist with closing out the outstanding actions once assessments are completed.

Assessor – For managers, operators and mechanical staff who need to perform risk assessments.

Role Permissions Include: adding machines, creating and completing assessments, assigning and completing outstanding actions, and scheduling future assessments.

Operator – For daily users who only require access to complete their daily pre-start checks

Role Permissions Include: Creating, completing and sharing daily pre-start checks and adding machines to their favourites list. Adding users with operator only permissions will also mean that the guys out on site don’t have to worry about accidentally pressing anything they shouldn’t. Something they’ll appreciate as much as the admins trying to keep the account organised.

You can assign one, two or all three of these roles as needed, and update user’s permissions later if their access requirements change.

So now that you know how and why you should set up all your staff with their own unique user in Plant Assessor, you’re all set to get your user list up to date. Of course, if you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance (call our friendly team, or click the contact button below.) Alternatively, if you have a long and daunting list of users to add, contact us and we can discuss how we can take some of that admin work off your hands.


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