The tech space is moving fast … and so are we!

The tech space is moving fast … and so are we!

Over the past 12 months we have ‘doubled down’ on our commitment to ensuring the usability and value of our SaaS (software as a service) platform by focusing on growing and strengthening our technical team and tech resources.

Firstly, we have increased the headcount of the technical team significantly. The team has grown from four to six over this time and will shortly be seven as we look to add an additional Web Developer.

Our most recent appointment is Darwin Legaspi, a highly experienced Web Developer who recently joined us from the Newcastle Permanent Building Society. He also worked with major Indian development firm, Wipro for many years. Darwin is a full stack developer who holds a BSc in Computer Science.

The technical team now has their own dedicated space in the support office which allows them to focus and to collaborate on projects. The construction of a tech hub within the business recognises the importance the technical team plays in the overall success of the business.

The user experience is always at the forefront of product development and over the coming financial year the team will focus on: 

    • Adding new functionality
    • Integrations – internal & external
    • Developing new products to add to the Plant Assessor portfolio

“We are committed to improving our platform to make it the most effective and powerful business tool it can possibly be,” explains Technical Director, Paul Dean.

“Plant Assessor is already the benchmark for plant and machinery safety inspection, but we are always looking at ways to make it even more useful and add value for our customers.”

“Our business is intrinsically linked to our technical capabilities so it’s important we continue to develop our platform. We were a pioneer in this space and we are determined to continue to set the pace.

“The launch of Pre Start Plus in 2018 is an excellent example of this. It is a move into the digital, real-time world.

“It’s a practical and powerful smart phone app that facilitates free pre-start checks and saves a massive amount of time for anyone who uses or manages plant and equipment. It also replaces the traditional pre-start books so it’s a free app that actually makes you money!

“Pre Start Plus is a valuable tool that gives people a taste of what Plant Assessor can do for their business and provides a gateway to engaging with them on the broader suite of services we offer.”
(Download Pre Start Plus for Free using the links at the top of this page.)

We are also very excited to be launching a new website in the coming weeks.

The Plant Assessor website site is already an exceptional technical resource with a significant amount of safety related material but the new site will provide an even better user experience with improved navigation and a more streamlined user interface.

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