Why a strong safety culture makes sense (and dollars)

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Why a strong safety culture makes sense (and dollars!)

Since the start of the year, we’ve been running a series of articles that cover the four key benefits of implementing and executing a strong safety management system.
In this post, we’re discussing the third ‘pillar’ which centres on generating more efficient business processes.

In short, a business that is consciously engaged with its workforce and its assets around safety is a more efficient, and thereby a more profitable, organisation.

Managing Director of Plant Assessor, Matt Turner explains that the saying “good safety is good business” is both logically and historically correct.

“During my time with Plant Assessor and in the earlier part my career as an accountant specialising in insolvency, I’ve noticed that people who implement good systems tend to run good businesses,” explains Matt.

“In recent years many corporations in Australia have successfully used safety as a driver of business performance. A business which is invested in creating a safe workplace looks engaged and professional and a strong approach to safety seems to have a positive flow-on effect. Staff and contactors know where they stand and feel both safe and empowered whilst on site.

“If you implement regimented and well documented safety protocols and then actively manage the process, it stands to reason that this becomes one of the key success factors for a business.

“The focus and discipline that stems from the procedural aspects of implementing and managing a safe system of work have been seen to result in better business processes across the board,” he said.

Turner explains that the challenge when implementing new systems and processes is always around employee engagement.

The goal is to convert employee behaviour from “what we’ve always done” to “what we want to be known for”. The process of executing this style of change has become known as change management.

“Many people are cautious of change so the challenge of amending behaviour and introducing new systems can be tricky,” explains Turner.

“The most critical aspect of any change program is engaging those who you wish to change by clarifying the ‘what’s in it for me?’ for each employee.
When people can’t see the benefits of change, the chance of successful implementation is greatly reduced.

“At its most basic level, workplace safety is something that is focused on employees more than employers because no one wants or expects to go home from work in a worse state than they arrived and this core premise should serve as a an excellent ‘common goal’ between employers and employees.”

Turner says that safe outcomes are delivered by investigating and streamlining business processes to identify and treat risks. The assessment of all facets of the safety plan is the starting point to improve the efficiency of processes. 

A substantial component of safety system implementation involves the development and implementation of work procedures, combined with training and competency assessment. 

At Plant Assessor, we have seen the positive impact that good safety systems have on a business over and over again. Not just around safety related outcomes but numerous areas of the business. We are also proud to say our platform has played a strong hand in this in many cases.

We welcome any opportunity to share our thoughts on this with our clients and other industry participants with a view to enhancing both their safety and broader business outcomes.
If you wish to discuss this further – please contact us on 1300 728 852 (or use the contact form below.)

Disclaimer: This information is intended to provide general information on the subject matter. This is not intended as legal or expert advice for your specific situation. You should seek professional advice before acting or relying on the content of this information. 

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