SEEN Safety IRIS 860 Sensor


SEEN Safety IRIS 860 Sensor

Matt Ireland | National Sales Manager

There are over 1,000 forklift incidents reported every year; from minor accidents to fatal injuries. All could be avoided, with simple safety processes in place to ensure that operators are aware of their surroundings when operating material carrying equipment.

This month’s safety product showcase takes a look at a company that is revolutionising safety in this space, with clever technology that helps detect people and objects — even if the driver of machinery doesn’t see them.

The IRIS 860 from SEEN Safety, is a sensor that can be mounted on forklifts and other heavy mobile equipment. It detects reflective tape on high-vis safety gear in high-risk blind-spots, and gives an audible alert to both the driver and the pedestrian if they get too close.

The powerful sensor uses an infrared laser that can detect retro reflective tape on a variety of surfaces, from road cones or markers, to any object tagged with reflective tape. It is reliable in variety of conditions – including low light and dusty conditions, where visibility might be reduced.

That improves the safety of both operators and pedestrians in high risk areas, such as warehouses, processing, and manufacturing plants. Infact, anywhere the workforce routinely wears high-vis clothing can be made considerably safer by utilising the IRIS 860 sensor.

While nothing can replace a robust risk assessment process and traffic management plan to ensure that plant operations are conducted safely, the IRIS 860 sensor adds a valuable additional layer to your arsenal of safety measures.

Coupled with the SEEN IRIS-i camera, the sensor can also capture the number of and nature of high risk interactions between people and machines, and any close calls. That means WHS personnel are able to identify any problem areas, and put in required safety measures, or adjust traffic management plans.

SEEN Safety has relationships with most equipment manufactures, who can supply and install the IRIS 860 sensor. It is effortless to implement and use, effective in reducing safety risks, and affordable to implement, with no ongoing cost.

To put the IRIS 860 sensor through its paces in your workplace, SEEN Safety are offering a discounted trial, to monitor and evaluate the sensor.

For more information, get in touch with Jason Bell at, call 0408 655 772, or book in a 20 minute online product demonstration.

SEEN Safety Website

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