More preventable machinery deaths

More preventable machinery deaths

Here at Plant Assessor, we have dedicated our lives to helping people get machinery safety right. It makes us despair when we see any machinery related injury occur, let alone a fatality.

In the last month or so, we have seen a plethora of incidents and news related to fatalities involving machinery.

Here is a summary of the incident and how it could have been prevented by following the risk assessment and control process –

How to Prevent



Park brake/chocks

Develop/follow maintenance SOP



Develop/follow towing SOP



Identify split rims

Split rim handing SOP


Tip Truck

Mechanical safety support

Load holding valve

Maintenance SOP



Male thrown from an EWP that was hit by car whilst being loaded onto a truck in public street

Loading/unloading SOP

Exclusion zone/traffic management



Exclusion zone/traffic management

(Insufficient info*)


On Road Heavy Vehicle

Loading/unloading SOP

(Insufficient info*)

*Insufficient info: Not enough information available to determine further relevant controls

For more information on these and other machinery hazards and how to control them, please visit –

It’s not that hard to prevent this from happening!!

Here at Plant Assessor, we have dedicated our lives to helping people get machinery safety right. It makes us extremely angry when people neglect their responsibilities in this area.

It doesn’t take that long to conduct a risk assessment and follow the hierarchy of controls to manage the identified risks.

Plant Assessor makes all of these this so much easier – there is no excuse not to do this, and people’s lives depend on this being done.

How are your plant safety management systems? Take the test…

Since 2004 we have been helping people take control of their safety systems relating to plant & machinery.

We have recently released our PLANT SAFETY SYSTEM HEALTH CHECK – an easy to use self-diagnostic tool to help people who use plant & machinery understand how good their safety systems are.

We urge you to take the test and get a better understanding of your system health, and if you would like some help, contact us, and we will help you with the diagnosis.

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