3 Steps to Pre Start Success

3 Steps to Pre Start Success

There’s never been a better time to start using Plant Assessor (PA) for your daily pre start checks. Since we introduced our Pre Start Plus (PSP) app late last year, we have had a huge increase in the number of businesses using our tools to easily manage this process across their fleet. Now, with our new Pre Start Report function, it is easier than ever to keep track of your daily safety compliance

If you’re ready to get started, here are three steps you can follow to ensure a successful roll-out across your business
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1. Add your Operators to Plant Assessor

In order for your operators to perform pre starts on your machines, they need to have access to your Plant Assessor membership. You can add as many users to your membership as you need by going to the People tab and clicking“Add New Person”.

You can tailor user permissions to ‘Operator’ only to ensure that new users don’t accidentally make any unwanted changes to your membership.  

Once added, your operators will receive a welcome email letting them know they’ve been granted access, and asking them to create a password. After creating their password, they can use the same details to login to either PA or PSP.

❗️HOT TIP:Make sure you add your operators before you tell them to start using the app and let them know which email address to use. If they try to login before they’ve been added or with a different email address, they may accidentally create a duplicate membership for your business.

2. Add Favourites via PA & PSP

Once your operators login, they will be able to add the machines that they use on a regular basis to their favourites for easy access. They can do this in Plant Assessor by going to the machines tab, clicking the ‘View’ or ‘Edit’ button next to the machine they want, and clicking the star to make it a favourite.

If they are logging in through the app, they can select their preferred machine by clicking ‘Add Machine’ (+) and selecting the machine from the existing fleet list. If you have a large fleet, they can narrow down the list by selecting the make and model above.

❗️HOT TIP:Make sure you’ve added all of your machines to your membership first before you ask your operators to start doing prestarts and let them know what identifiers to search for to avoid confusion.

3. Share Reports from the App

No more filing!! One of the best things about using our software to do your pre starts is that you no longer have to collect and file paper checklists. No more chasing your operators. No more digging through filing cabinets. No more money spent on pre start books! All reports completed through PA or PSP will be permanently stored in your membership. Your operators can also share their reports from the app via email or text.

❗️HOT TIP:Don’t reinvent the wheel. For a smooth transition, try to make PA/PSP fit into your current procedures rather than doing a complete overhaul.

Use these simple steps as a guide to your successful roll-out of PA/PSP prestarts across your business. If there is anything else we can do to help you set up your users, or implement this process within your organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Customer Success team for assistance on 1300 728 852 (or use the contact form below.)

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