COMING SOON: Nailing your Contractor Management Using Plant Assessor


Nailing your Contractor Management
Using Plant Assessor

Paul Dean | Founder & Technical Director

Plant Assessor is constantly adding new functionality to simplify the complex tasks that we have on our plates each day. Our customers and team members continually provide great suggestions & requests to help make Plant Assessor better. For some time now there have been many requests for us to apply the Plant Assessor way of thinking to managing contractors and their machines. 

Since early 2019 the planning and development teams at Plant Assessor have been feverishly working away on new functionality to make managing contractors and their machines easy. 

We are happy to say that the end is in sight and that the Plant Assessor functions to make managing contractors and their machines easy should be ready for release later  this quarter. 

Here is an overview of the new functionality being finalised now:

  • Connecting your Plant Assessor membership with your contractor Plant Assessor memberships 
  • Inviting your contractors to your Plant Assessor sites
  • Managing your contractors & their machines on your sites including pre-qualification of contractors and their machines 
  • Approval/rejection of documents
  • Approval/rejection of machines
  • Allowing contractors to complete pre-qualification assessments to your requirements
  • Comparing assessments submitted by your contractors against your assessment of their machine
  • Sponsoring your contractors machines

Here a quick glimpse at some of the new functions..

Benefits of using Plant Assessor’s contractor management tools:

  • Do it once, do it properly & share with whoever needs to know
  • Eliminate duplication
  • Improve plant safety and compliance
  • Improve transparency of information – two way
  • Capture better plant condition information
  • Better managed and maintained plant

If you are interested in these new functions please contact your Plant Assessor representative for further information, or click the contact us button below.

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