Compliance sorted. Machines on site.

Introducing NEW MySite functionality from Plant Assessor.

Easily understand Principal Contractors’ machinery compliance requirements and simplify your documentation – save once & share to many – while getting your machines on site faster, with an easy-to-use online system, accessible anywhere, anytime.

New MySite functionality includes

All the info you need to get machines on site.

Save a whole lot of hassle upfront by knowing exactly what compliance requirements you need to meet to get your machinery on site, and get hold of critical site information so you and your team can get to work.

Connect and supply. It’s easy to mobilise machinery.

Build out a live network of Hire Companies, Subcontractors and Principal Contractors. Once you’re connected, it’s easy to have machinery supplied to you, or to supply machinery to a site or pre-qual process.

Save time. Save money. Get your machines approved in advance.

Get to work faster, by pre-qualifying machines before you turn up on site. Share them with multiple Principal Contractors and sites, and with online approvals, you’ll know in advance if your machines meet site requirements.

Simple supply of machinery between your connections.

Make it easy to supply or on-supply machinery to a site. With virtual machine profiles, you can supply your own machines, or on-supply hired machines quickly and easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

MySite is a suite of new functionality that is available to Plant Assessor users. These features work together to help Principal Contractors and Subcontractors manage their sites and machinery, get on site faster, and ensure compliance and safety standards are met.
Some MySite functionality is included in your Plant Assessor membership. For full pricing information, visit our pricing page.
MySite functionality is available for users of Plant Assessor v3.0. To find out the version of Plant Assessor you're using, login to your Plant Assessor account, and check the footer of the page - your version information is available there. To speak with one of the team about which version you're using, or to upgrade to v3.0 get in touch by calling 1300 728 852, or email
If you'd like more information about MySite functionality, or Plant Assessor, we're standing by to help. Give us a call on 1300 728 852, email or book in a demo and we'll show you everything Plant Assessor has to offer.
Find out more about MySite
For a demo, or to speak with one of the team, get in touch
  • See all of the Principal Contractor’s site requirements at a glance – right down to individual machine documents, like rego and risk assessments
  • Get access to site documents for your team, like the traffic management plans and policy documents, so you’ll have everything you need to get to work faster.


No more guesswork. Know exactly what documentation is required to get your machines on site. Principal Contractors set the list of required documents like risk assessment, service history and rego so you know your obligations up front. 


They can also share access to their site documentation so you’re in the loop, with important information like traffic management, site plans, and safety policies.


Having a clear understanding of your compliance obligations and responsibilities at an early stage, makes for smoother site onboarding. Meaning you can get on site much faster, with much less hassle.


Easily connect with Principal Contractors and put yourself in the best position to supply machines to sites you’re working on. 


When you’re connected, you’ll have online access to Principal Contractors’ contact information and they’ll have yours, along with your machine details. That means you’ll be on their radar when they’re looking for more machinery to bring onto their sites.

Supply Machines

Make it easy to on-supply machinery from hire companies or other Subcontractors, to fulfil Principal Contractor machine requirements. Just connect with another Subcontractor or hire company, and they’ll be able to supply you their machinery profiles in Plant Assessor.


You’ll have effective ownership of the machine profile, meaning you can easily supply it to a Principal Contractor’s site or Prequal process – or another Subcontractor.


Pre-Qual helps make sure machines are compliant and safe to be on site. Principal Contractors predefine the site and machine requirements, so you’ll have a clear understanding of your compliance obligations and responsibilities and will be able to supply documentation accordingly.


This means you’ll be able to get all your onboarding done quickly and efficiently, so you’ll have your machines approved and on site faster. 


In the case that your machine happens to be declined by a Principal Contractor, you’ll be notified right away.  You can then review the issue and have it corrected as soon as possible to avoid wasting time.

Site Reporting

With an in-built, easy-to-use machine status dashboard, you’ll have total visibility across all your sites, all the time. With a click of the button you’ll be able to see and identify: 


  • All the machines on site
  • Who owns which machine
  • How many machines are pending prequalification
  • The consolidated graded number of actions needing attention
  • Number of machine that have completed their prestart (pre-op)
  • Number of machines that have completed/not-completed risk assessments
  • All the machines on site that have their required documents
  • Who to contact if a machine is not compliant. 


Having this granular level of visibility across your site means you can identify risks and compliance issues quickly. What’s more, you’ll be able to take action quickly too and mitigate those problems before they become serious, keeping your site as safe as possible.

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