Plant Assessor Hybrid Memberships: The best of both worlds

Plant Assessor Hybrid Memberships: The best of both worlds

What is a Plant Assessor hybrid membership? Not unlike a hybrid car or a motorbike helmet with a built in brake light, a hybrid membership is a combination of two things to get a better outcome. Or as grandad used to say, I wouldn’t mind a pup out of the pair of them!

Get the best of both worlds by combining the benefits of self-managed compliance through Plant Assessor and the reassurance of having external safety experts assessing your fleet. As a hybrid member, our professional services team will regularly visit you on site to make sure your machines have accurate and up-to-date Risk Management Reports. Sound good so far?

If you’re interested in learning more, contact your Plant Assessor representative today to discuss how we can develop a customised hybrid membership to suit your business. Together, we can identify which compliance tasks we can take off your hands and decide on an assessment schedule to bring all of your machines up to full compliance within an agreed time frame. We can take it from there.

Our professional services team will be in touch to book in a site visit at a time that’s convenient for you, and we’ll confirm with you before the day, who, when and where. You’ll also receive a summary after each visit of the activity carried out by our field officer.

Here are some of the tasks that our professional service team can perform on your behalf –

  • Full service plant risk assessments performed by trained field officers
  • Outstanding actions are identified and assigned to appropriate personnel
  • Staff training on the risk assessment process
  • Staff training on use of Plant Assessor suite
  • Operator training and roll-out of digital pre-start inspections.
  • Relevant safety decals are identified and fitted to machinery
  • Recording fleet items in Plant Assessor including identifiers and images

All activity is recorded and stored in your Plant Assessor membership, allowing you to access all reports and take control of your fleet compliance. You can use all of the Plant Assessor functions to successfully manage your fleet.

So, is a Hybrid membership right for you? Contact your Plant Assessor representative today to discuss your options and find out how we can make a hybrid membership work for your business.

Otherwise, if you’re happy with your DIY membership, but want to know what other ways we can support you, read this article on how our customer success team can help you manage your membership.


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