Introducing the Plant Assessor Safety Management Health Check

Has your machinery safety system got the pox?
Introducing the Plant Assessor Safety Management Health Check

Australia’s most popular machinery safety platform, Plant Assessor has launched a service to quickly and accurately help businesses identify any safety shortcomings in their machinery management framework.

Most accidents happen because processes aren’t followed. A health check of the processes around managing machinery safety will clarify the important issues, eradicate ‘second guessing’, allow you to make the necessary changes and then alert the people that need to know.

The health check involves consideration of six core areas of machinery management and operation.

“One of the key challenges that owners and managers face around management of machinery safety is ensuring the underlying systems are in place that ensure safety management is completed on an ongoing basis rather than one off bursts” explains Plant Assessor MD, Matt Turner. “The health check is a great way to do a deep dive into systems and processes and identify gaps that can be prioritised and closed”.

“Since 2004 we’ve been helping businesses and government institutions of all shapes and sizes and we’ve seen almost every type of machine in every stage of its lifecycle. We’ve come to know the key touch points that are critical to ensuring simple and efficient systems that provide the safeguards which give Directors and Managers the comfort that they are meeting their legislative obligations.

“We’ve put over 15 years of work into getting this process right. We know of no other such process on the market. You can give yourself a score but if you want a deep dive, one of our experienced staff will help you run a more comprehensive test.”

After careful consideration, Plant Assessor identified six safety-related practices that are most common and most critical in a machinery centric business. They then developed a series questions within each category that allow each component to be assessed independently whilst also accounting for any cross-category considerations and the broader safety strategy for the business.

The six major components in the machinery safety health check are:

✓ Pre-start checks
✓ Service Scheduling and Record Keeping
✓ Information Management and Sharing
✓ Periodic Plant Assessment and Risk Assessment
✓ Contractor Management
✓ Operator Competency

“If you’ve ever wanted to know how well your machinery safety system stacks up or you’ve been concerned that there are gaps in your process, we will help you get some definitive answers,” says Turner.

“We will run the ruler over your processes and give you a score. If you score above 80 you are doing OK but if not, there could be cause for concern. Not only will we identify and highlight the problem, we will help you resolve the issue and help eradicate potential issues arising in the future.”

Due to the time required to assess the answers and recommend solutions for any gaps, delivery of the machinery safety health check will initially be a paid service however, there are plans to roll out an abridged, free version of the questionnaire that, while not as comprehensive, will offer good insight into machinery safety related practices.

If you’d like to know more about Plant Assessor Health Checks please call our team on 1300 728 852, or leave a comment below.

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