Guard-rail confusion on the horizon

Guard-rail confusion on the horizon:
DR AS5327:2018  VS.🥊 DR AS4024.2203:2019

– Paul Dean, Founder and Technical Director

In January of this year I wrote of the release of DR AS5327:2018 Earth-moving Machinery – Access Systems. The summary of that article is that the 1991 standard is to be replaced by a new Australian Standard which is a modified version of ISO 2867:2011 Earth-moving Machinery – Access Systems. The biggest talking point being that guard-rails are required on all platforms which are 1000mm or more above the ground or nearest platform. A significant departure from previous requirements of around double that height.

The publication date of that standard is still unknown, the Standards Australia website has moved the status to stage 5 of 7 [where 7 is finalised and published.]

On April 24 of this year, 4 new draft Australian Standards were released for public comment. These are –

DR AS 4024.2201:2019
Safety of machinery Part 2201: Permanent means of access to machinery – Choice of fixed means and general requirements of access

DR AS 4024.2202:2019
Safety of machinery Part 2202: Permanent means of access to machinery – Working platforms and walkways

DR AS 4024.2203:2019
Safety of machinery Part 2203: Permanent means of access to machinery – Stairs, stepladders and guard-rails

DR AS 4024.2204:2019
Safety of machinery Part 2204: Permanent means of access to machinery – Fixed ladders

DR AS 42045.2203:2019 states that, when the height of a possible fall exceeds 500mm, a guardrail shall be installed. This is in stark contrast to the imminent new Australian Standard AS 5327 which requires a guardrail only if the risk of fall exceeds 1000mm.

What is difficult for me to reconcile is that machinery such as agricultural equipment and trucks which are similar to earth-moving machinery will require a guardrail for all platforms 500mm above the ground and earth-moving machinery will not require a guardrail unless the height exceeds 1000mm. I believe that this will create confusion for domestic and international manufacturers as well as our domestic suppliers that will be required to comply.

The new draft standards are open for comment until June 5 2019. Click on the standard headings above to provide your comment.

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