Feature Release: Sale Assessment Transfer


New Feature: Sale Assessment Transfer

What is it?

An improvement to the existing sale transfer functionality, that makes it easier for buyers to find a transferred machine in their Plant Assessor membership, and optionally convert the sale assessment to another type of assessment purpos

Why it matters

Before this update, details required by the new owner were entered by the dealer at the time of the transfer. Such as whether it was a Plant in Use or Hire assessment, and the state or territory of operation. Now, the buyer can enter these details.

Buyers can filter machines to quickly find machines that have been transferred into their Plant Assessor membership. They then have the option to convert the sale assessment to the assessment purpose they need. They can also choose not to convert the sale assessment.

Who gets it?

Anyone with admin permission in Plant Assessor version 2.0 and 3.0.


How will I know a machine has been transferred?
An email will be sent to notify you that a machine has been transferred into your membership. You will be able to filter your fleet to view transferred-in machines.

How can I create a new assessment?
You can either press the ‘Convert’ button to create a new Plant In Use or Hire assessment using the answers previously provided by the seller as a starting point. Or you can create a new blank assessment by opening the machine menu and clicking ‘Create Assessment’.

How much does it cost?
There is no cost for the transfer itself. The machine will appear in the purchasers membership at the ‘Free’ level, and no fees will be incurred until you start using premium features on the machine.

What are the trade in assessment fees?
Fees are payable by the dealer only. A trade-in assessment will now be billed at half the rate of a normal assessment. From $30 – $90 depending on the complexity of the machine.

For more information on this feature, visit the Help Centre.

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