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Our Clients


Dealers / Auctioneers


Plant Assessor is very proud of its client base in these important parts of the plant supply chain.


Plant Assessor’s dealer and auctioneer client list reads like a who’s who of machinery manufacturers, suppliers and resellers, and includes some of the most recognisable brands on the planet.


Plant Assessor is used by suppliers of a very broad range of equipment, including construction, agriculture, access, materials handling, ground care, trucks & trailers, industrial and workshop equipment, waste management and recycling and many others.


Plant Assessor is also the pre-eminent supplier of plant safety inspection services to the auction industry, with major national auctioneers, such as Pickles and Manheim.


In the agricultural clearing sale auction space, we enjoy relationships with many rural auctioneers, including Landmark, Elders, Ruralco, Ray White Rural & many leading regional and local agents such as Miller & James.


Click on the links below to view Plant Assessor Dealer and Auctioneer Case Studies.

Our Clients:

MSC Group

Mobile screening & crushing equipment is somewhat unique in that it is modular. Essentially each solution starts with a central unit which is added to depending on the client’s requirements. Larger units can have a series 10 or more different machines and can be relatively complex. Our customers can hire or buy equipment but, regardless of whether they hire or purchase the plant, we insist that it is commissioned by MSC personnel and is safe to use.”


Prior to using Plant Assessor, we were doing plant risk assessments in-house and doing what we believed was the right thing to do regarding assessing the machines. Now we can conduct these assessments quickly and with complete assurance they are comprehensive and accurate.


And because our products are a relatively niche solution, Plant Assessor has been very helpful in ensuring the assessments comply with the various, relevant Australian Standards. Any time we’ve had a new machine arrive in Australia they have been very accommodating at adding an assessment for that type into the system. Plant Assessor truly are subject matter experts when it comes to the entire process of verifying the safe use of machinery and we are very pleased that we found them.”


Kirwan Barr, CEO – MSC Group

Brisbane Isuzu

We supply a lot of commercial vehicles which are highly customised.  For the majority of customers, we simply receive the cab chassis and we then set about modifying the vehicle to meet the client’s exact specifications. We have to scope, engineer, manufacture, fit, test and certify any additions and modifications to the vehicle that we receive from Isuzu.


We actually found the contact details for Plant Assessor in a tender document which was extremely fortuitous. Before we discovered Plant Assessor, Brisbane Isuzu was not using any formal system for risk assessment. We initially conducted a one off, remote assessment using their guidance, but we quickly became a subscriber with full membership because we immediately saw the value in the platform.


We were getting things checked over by an engineer for the modifications only, and even then, many modifications were beyond our technical expertise so it was a cumbersome process. With Plant Assessor, the service levels are first rate and the technical assistance is excellent. Plant Assessor has added specifications for over 150 models of Isuzu trucks into the Plant Assessor database to make it quicker and easier for us.


Our customers are so grateful for our fast fit-out and delivery times, but we literally couldn’t do it without Plant Assessor. Having a business partner such as Plant Assessor helps our customers satisfy some conditions in their procurement policies, especially around ancillary equipment that involves hydraulics, cranes and other non-standard functionality. Plant Assessor makes our life so much easier.


It’s fast, accurate, convenient and affordable and there is not a lot more you can ask for than that. We even get our safety labels from Plant Assessor – they have supplied numerous label packs specifically for Brisbane Isuzu with a mix specific to our modified vehicles.”


Scott Homes, Sales Manager Government – Brisbane Isuzu

“We knew we had to make sure machinery was safe for use and accompanied by suitable safety information.  We were struggling with manual inspection and reporting systems which proved technically very difficult, and practically hard to manage.


In addition to this, many of our clients work in high risk industries where safety is a high priority, and the compliance requirements are challenging.  Our customers notified us that they were regularly being asked by their clients to provide risk assessments on their equipment.


Because we sell such a broad range of equipment, the amount of knowledge we needed to maintain regarding safety standards was unmanageable.  Plant Assessor solved this for us … they provided us with a structured, thorough, machine specific process that could be used by anyone in our business who had a good understanding of the equipment being sold


And because Plant Assessor is ‘in the cloud’ it allowed us to centrally manage and monitor the process ensuring that all of our locations were conducting their inspections and providing the customer with risk assessments.”


Ken Anderson, National Service Manager – Tutt Bryant

“We considered the option of doing our own plant safety inspections however, we decided this was not the best option for us, as it may have been perceived as a conflict of interest if we were identifying safety deficiencies in vendor equipment. We were also unsure of our ability to develop and maintain suitable knowledge of safety legislation and Australia Standards.


We knew the guys from Plant Assessor as we had worked with them before, and they had illustrated both superior industry knowledge and customer service. Once they showed us their Plant Assessor online inspection system, we were convinced that all plant safety inspections would be of the highest quality. It’s been a great business relationship since the very beginning and our partnership now spans almost 10 years.”


Bruce Connors, Director – Industrial – Pickles

“I initially conducted a one-off e-Assessment, which involved liaising with a Plant Assessor team member to conduct a detailed inspection on a Caterpillar Side Boom Pipelayer and the result was a comprehensive risk assessment document that satisfied his customer. I then requested a demonstration of how Plant Assessor could be used on a “Do It Yourself” basis to conduct assessments on a massive range of equipment. I signed up for a DIY membership within a few days of this initial experience with Plant Assessor. It was the ease of the process that convinced me that using Plant Assessor was the right move.”


John Masterton, Australian Product Support Manager – Pipeline Machinery Aust.

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