The next phase of growth for Plant Assessor

The next phase of growth for Plant Assessor

plant assessor growth

Matt Turner  |  Managing Director

Well it has been another massive year for the Plant Assessor family.  

We successfully grew our client base and the team that supports it and released some amazing new features.

The next 12 months is going to be even bigger than the last, so I thought I would give you an outline of some of the big people moves and recruitments happening at Plant Assessor.

Focused on your success

During last quarter we restructured our sales and customer success teams to further enhance the customer experience when dealing with Plant Assessor.

This sees us increase our customer facing resources substantially, along with investment in technology to ensure we are 100% focused on your success as a Plant Assessor customer.

The next effect of these changes has seen us increase the size of our sales and success team by four full time roles, being led inspirationally by Kate Ryan (National Customer Success Manager) and Matt Ireland (National Sales Manager.)

Investing in intellectual property

One of Plant Assessor’s most obvious strengths is the intellectual property contained within our software.  From having the largest machinery and specifications database in the world, to the comprehensive machine specific safety information for each one of the almost 110,000 makes and models of equipment.

We have always invested a lot in this area, but we have invested further in the last 12 months, which has seen Brendan Everingham shift into a new full-time role dedicated to enhancement of our intellectual property.

As a result, this has created another opportunity to recruit into our Professional Services group.

Product Product Product

Our ambitious product development roadmap has led us to significantly grow our team in this critical area of our business.

This investment has seen us create four new full-time roles in the areas of product planning, quality assurance and software development. 

Gerran Clowes is transitioning into a full-time project management role, and Riki Dietsch is transitioning into quality assurance during this quarter. 

We are currently in the process of recruiting two additional software developers to further supercharge our product building capability.

We also expect to create a further full-time role for a product manager during the next 12 months.

Taking Marketing to the next level

We recently welcomed our new Marketing Manager Jake Boulton to Plant Assessor – which is a new full-time role created during the last 12 months.  

In addition to this, we intend hiring an additional full-time marketing assistant to help drive the marketing our product suite to target markets.

Renovation Rescue

When we bought our Newcastle office 5 years ago, the day we might grow out of it seemed a distant one.

With all of this recruiting I am sad to announce the I have had to sacrifice my office to fit another 6 workstations in.  

The team here is currently taking bets on how long I might last in a workstation. Currently the odds on me not lasting a week are at $1.05…

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