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This mission has led Plant Assessor to be the world’s largest and most widely used plant risk assessment, pre-operation, document management and information sharing system for plant & machinery.

Our software & Your success:

Plant Assessor is the world’s largest plant & equipment safety & information sharing platform.


It’s used by more than 1,000 organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand to help capture and share machinery information and ensure equipment is safe for use and accompanied by the right safety information.


Our industry leading, cloud-based platform contains details of over 100,000+ makes and models of plant & equipment and has been trusted by the biggest names in plant & equipment to help them manage safety compliance on machinery since 2004.


Plant Assessor’s smart machinery risk assessment software is the core of the solution suite. This technology virtually eliminates the common errors associated with the conduct of machinery risk assessments whilst dramatically improving productivity, thoroughness and assessment speed.  For more information on how, see Using Plant Assessor.


Being make and model specific, Plant Assessor is non-generic and contains a massive amount of intellectual property related to your machinery, from machine specifications to detailed pre-start checks, records and comprehensive interactive risk surveys and risk assessment reports.


Whereas other systems give you an empty digital filing cabinet and ask you to fill it with your machinery safety information, Plant Assessor helps you create comprehensive, thorough and shareable machinery condition and safety information quickly and easily.


Plant Assessor’s document library allows clients to upload and share information related to companies and contractors, machinery, sites and operators – this allows seamless sharing of selective and comprehensive digital information to and from contractors and employees, at the place where that information is most valuable.


Plant Assessor’s flexible access model allows users to choose what features they wish to use and only pay for what is valuable to them.  Plant Assessor feature levels include:


Free:       Digital Pre-start checks, unlimited machines & users

Plus:       Free features plus document library & management, bring your own risk assessment, Plant Assessor machine specific SOPs

Edge:      Plus features and Plant Assessor risk assessments, free sharing (share your machine information with another Plant Assessor user)


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Plant Assessor contains the most comprehensive machinery information and safety database in the world, and is actively working on integration with a range of other software platforms who wish to use our database to power their machinery modules.  Stay tuned for further updates…

Using Plant Assessor is easy.  Signing up for a free account or commencing a 30 day trial of our premium features takes around 5 minutes. 


The software is intuitive and easy to use. It has been optimised for tablets and smart phones. The user simply logs in to Plant Assessor on any internet connected device and they can instantly:


  • Setup and access virtual machine profiles for all of their equipment
  • Access Plant Assessor’s massive machine specifications database
  • Upload and manage relevant information to these machine profiles – and link company & other documents to individual machines or groups of machines
  • Manage document expiry dates
  • Share machine profiles with clients and others, and have others share machines with them
  • Set rules for all machines shared into their site/location – providing immediate clarification of compliance requirements and identification of non-compliant machinery
  • Conduct and share digital pre-start checks on their equipment and third-party equipment shared with them
  • Conduct comprehensive, make and model specific plant risk assessments for all of their machines
  • Manage corrective actions identified as part of the comprehensive risk assessment process
  • Set up machine inspection schedules and receive comprehensive activity reports
  • Utilise a range of dashboards related to understanding safety compliance status of their machines and third party machines shared with them


The following diagram shows how a construction contractor might use Plant Assessor:

Choose What is Valuable to You


Plant Assessor’s flexible access model allows users to choose what features they wish to use and only pay for what is valuable to them.  Plant Assessor feature levels include:


Free:       Digital Pre-start checks, unlimited machines & users

Plus:       Free features plus document library & management, bring your own risk assessment, Plant Assessor machine specific SOPs

Edge:      Plus features and Plant Assessor risk assessments, free sharing (share your machine information with another Plant Assessor user)


Using Plant Assessor to Conduct Machinery Risk Assessments


The plant & equipment risk assessment process has traditionally been highly subjective and requires unwavering consistency and a deep understanding of machinery and safety legislation.


Consequently, plant risk assessments are often inconsistent, incomplete and often do not apply the correct controls to manage the risk of each hazard identified. They can also take many hours to complete.


Plant Assessor simplifies and speeds up this process. Our technical team have conducted tens of thousands of plant risk assessments, the results of which are embedded in our smart software.


Plant Assessor has already completed a comprehensive tedious hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control process for the machines in the system, therefore an inspector using Plant Assessor is essentially looking for the presence of the relevant controls (treatments) required for the machine in question.


The only pre-requisites for a user of Plant Assessor are:


  1. Core knowledge about the item of plant or equipment they are assessing
  2. Reasonable comprehension skills to read and answer yes/no style questions


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We recently implemented a new program called Customer Success so all customers can realise the full benefits of the Plant Assessor software suite. Customer Success is a proactive service delivery and account management model that ensures all customers extract full value from their investment in our platform.


Our Customer Success Representatives work with our customers to understand their business and their long term goals.  They then provide proactive advice on features and services to ensure every customer can take full advantage of Plant Assessor.


Services include on-boarding and training, data management, risk assessment and pre-op training and onsite risk assessments.


This strong commitment to superior customer service is delivered by a growing team of employees who have joined Plant Assessor specifically to implement and drive this program. Our integrated approach includes dedicated staff in each of the following areas:


  • Customer Success Representatives
  • Implementation & On-Boarding Specialists
  • Professional Services Team made up of:
  • Inspection services
  • Site and fleet setup & maintenance
  • Hands-on field training
  • Site services – contractor management & inspections

Plant Assessor is full of great features, some of which are free and some of which are paid.


Here’s a snapshot of some of the features of Plant Assessor:


  • Database of almost 100,000 makes and models
  • Specifications for more than 50,000 makes and models
  • Machine specific, sharable digital pre-operational/pre-start checks
  • Document library – upload documents, cross reference and attach them to:
    • Sites
    • Machines
    • Tasks
    • Operators
  • Document library allows you to serve up specific site, task and machine information to an operator on their smart device
  • Create public sites to allow sharing of machines between companies and allow transparency of contractor and machine safety status
  • Create site document requirements, and make them transparent to those sharing machines to your site. This allows contractors to understand and comply with site requirements before arriving on site
  • Simple
  • Machine specific risk assessments
  • State specific risk assessments
  • Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
  • Corrective action management
  • Risk assessment scheduling
  • Dashboard reporting of:
  • Assessment activity and risk assessment plan status
  • Corrective action activity and status
  • Special purpose risk assessments, including:
    • MDG 15 Mining Industry
    • WA Mining Regulation
    • Rail corridor (to Sydney Trains standard)
    • Roads & Maritime Services requirement


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We never set out to be a safety label supplier, but as Plant Assessor assists users identify labelling deficiencies on tens of thousands of machines a year, we felt obliged to provide tailored and top quality safety labels for Plant Assessor users and others in the machinery industry.


You can order safety labels from within Plant Assessor, or visit our secure online store and purchase from our extensive range of individual labels and machine label kits.  Postage is intentionally kept low, with Express Post options for urgent situations.


Professional Services – Inspection and Label Application

As part of our professional services suite, we also provide an “assess and label” service option for clients who wish us to inspect their equipment, produce risk assessments and rectify labelling deficiencies at the same time.  This is very convenient for larger plant owners and project mobilisation.


We have tried a few different materials over the years and source materials and utilise production processes that result in our labels being both highly durable and affordable.

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