Our Clients: Plant Assessor
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Our Clients

Since 2004 we have been solely focused on helping clients manage plant & equipment safety. From humble beginnings, we can now boast to being a world leader in the provision of machinery information storage, generation and sharing platform.


Plant Assessor clients cover a diverse range of industries that all have with one thing in common – they supply or use plant & equipment.


Plant Assessor clients range from large multi-national corporations to owner operators. We pride ourselves on having a plant safety solution to fit anyone who owns or supplies plant; no matter what, where or how.

Click on each industry tab below to see who we deal with and how we help them improve the quality of plant safety management..

The construction industry is dynamic, fast moving and complex, and so is the plant & equipment it utilises.


Plant Assessor works extensively within the construction industry, with hundreds of clients ranging from Tier 1 contractors, to owner operators with one or two pieces of plant. We have a solution to fit construction, no matter how big you are.


We are continuing to invest significant time and effort into enhancing Plant Assessor, and building parallel systems to deliver a holistic plant safety management system tailored to the demanding requirements of the construction industry. See here for further details.




We are proud to have a long association with the Civil Contractors’ Federation. We currently provide plant safety helpdesks for Members of

CCF South Australia, CCF Victoria and CCF Western Australia.

Plant Assessor has been helping Local Government Authorities manage plant safety since 2004.


With more than 150 clients in this segment, Plant Assessor works closely with Councils across the country to make the onerous aspects of plant safety more manageable.


Councils tend to utilise a broad range of plant & equipment due to their diverse activities including road construction & maintenance, management of parks, gardens & other public spaces, waste collection & management, asset maintenance & management, and the list goes on.


Many Councils are also self-insured for the purposes of worker’s compensation.  Self-insurance regulatory requirements mean that Councils need to maintain robust plant risk management regimes.


Plant Assessor maintains relationships with the various State based Local Government Workers Compensation Schemes, as well as with the Institute of Public Works Engineering (IPWEA).  Plant Assessor has been a regular presenter at IPWEA’s Plant & Vehicle Management Seminars.


Our extensive involvement  with Local Government has led to the development of our “Hybrid Membership” which combines the convenience of full service plant inspection, with the responsiveness of a DIY Plant Assessor membership.  This has been extremely popular with Local Government clients.

Plant Assessor works for some of the most well-known names in rail and air transportation.


Plant Assessor has worked very closely with key clients in these segments to tailor the plant risk assessment processes to the specific requirements in their segment.


In the rail space, Plant Assessor is also involved in the development of AS7502 – Road Rail Vehicles, which is designed to assist in the process of ensuring the safety of plant and vehicles fitted with rail running gear.

The utilities and waste sectors are also important focus industries for Plant Assessor.


From energy utilities running large fleets of owned and contracted mobile plant maintaining poles and wires networks, to water utilities managing infrastructure construction alliances, Plant Assessor is used extensively in this space. Plant Assessor contains all of the unique fleet items utilised by these utilities.


In the waste sector, Plant Assessor is proud to work with industry leading organisations such as SITA Australia, Transpacific and Veolia Environmental Services. Plant Assessor contains a large range of highly specialised fixed and mobile waste collection, processing and recycling equipment.


The challenge of managing plant safety is arguably at its most difficult in the demanding plant hire industry.


Plant hire companies tend to operate very large fleets, which generally contain a very broad range of diverse plant, equipment, vehicles and tools. Plant hire also deal with a very diverse range of clients, with different expectations of suppliers, especially around plant safety.


Plant Assessor is proud to list as clients some of the most recognised names in plant hire. Plant Assessor is continuing to work with leaders in the plant hire field to develop systems that are quick, convenient and simple to use, and integrated into their rental management software.


Plant Assessor is used by mining companies and their suppliers across a range of mining activities in coal and metalliferous mining, and other extractive industries in almost every State & Territory of Australia.


In addition to this, we service a wide range of mining & quarry industry suppliers including Caterpillar distributors across Australia, Komatsu, Hitachi and the list goes on.




In response to the specific needs of the mining sector in its various geographical jurisdictions, Plant Assessor has developed a number of mining specific assessment purposes.


MDG 15 Assessment Purpose (Plant Risk Asmt Guides > Mining)

This assessment purpose addresses the specific requirements of NSW Mine Design Guide 15, Guideline for Mobile and Transportable Equipment for Use in Mines.


WA Mining Assessment Purpose (Plant Risk Asmt Guides > Mining)

This assessment purpose addresses the specific requirements of the WA Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations 1995.

Plant Assessor is very proud of its client base in these important parts of the plant supply chain.


Plant Assessor’s dealer and auctioneer client list reads like a who’s who of machinery manufacturers, suppliers and resellers, and includes some of the most recognisable brands on the planet.


Plant Assessor is used by suppliers of a very broad range of equipment, including construction, agriculture, access, materials handling, ground care, trucks & trailers, industrial and workshop equipment, waste management and recycling and many others.


Plant Assessor is also the pre-eminent supplier of plant safety inspection services to the auction industry, with major national auctioneers, such as Pickles and Manheim.


In the agricultural clearing sale auction space, we enjoy relationships with many rural auctioneers, including Landmark, Elders, Ruralco, Ray White Rural & many leading regional and local agents such as Miller & James.


Click on the links below to view Plant Assessor Dealer and Auctioneer Case Studies.

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